My Favourite Life

March 31, 2009

Time Away

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So, a lot has happened recently, but nothing particularly interesting.

WarDaddy was “dating” a single mother, which lasted a single date, which he spent playing with the kid. Silly boy.

My wife, our son, and I took a break and paid a visit to a so-called naturalist resort. We’ve been before, but it used to just be a couple hour drive, but we wanted to get away and spend some time in the sun.

I was telling a male friend where we had been, and he gave a thumbs up. Then he told a mutual female friend who was all uptight about it. She wondered how we could expose our son to that and expose himself. A predicable conversation followed.

I explained to her that this was not a particularly new experience for him. He is eleven almost twelve years old. First, my wife and I spend plenty of time around the house undressed. Second, since we have been to these places before, he has seen it all before. He has seen people of every persuasion, size, colour, shape, and age, and this time was no different.

Although the people who we tend to see most often are older folks—over 40. The people range from 2 to 92. He has seen a full inventory of nude bodies from guys with large and tiny penises, women with large and tiny breasts and even a women with a partial mastectomy, shaven pussies and au natural. In this setting, nothing is particularly sexual. Not that you don’t notice, but as with a patient in a doctor’s office, you aren’t really in that mindset. Anyway, he met up with some kids around his age, and he had fun just as he would have if he had been clothed.

So as I was speaking with this female friend I could sense her discomfort. She was projecting her own discomfort on the world, and she couldn’t separate nudity from sexuality. I did admit that although seeing strangers in this setting was one thing, but seeing a friend (such as her) would be different. There is a different boundary at play. Since I am most used to seeing her clothed, and presumably would see her in the future clothed, it might be awkward to see her nude. Obviously, she would be awkward, but there would be a different sizing-up that I could see occurring. Even though she was fully dressed whilst we talked, my imagination was wondering all the while what she did look like undressed. The mind is an odd thing.

Anyway, I never did convince her that this was natural. I just decided to write about it here.

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