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April 9, 2009

A Night on the Town?

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How can I remain so horribly busy for so long? I got home at about 11 last night. My wife was still awake but trying to settle in to sleep, so we didn’t exchange any more than hullos. She woke up this morning when I did because she had to pee, so we said hullo then, too. The night before she mentioned that she has talked to WarDaddy about her plans, but she didn’t have time to convey his response. I have to admit, he’s a bit odd like that. Most guys who can’t get pussy and who want it would jump at the opportunity of a woman making an offer. They chat on the phone every other day and sometimes more frequently. He says how interested he is and what we wants to do with her, but when push comes to shove and she extends an invite he goes on and on about the distance and wouldn’t it be easier if she met him up there.

I have to say, I may have so standards at odds with society at large (or perhaps I am just more honest), but even I draw the line there. If he wants some quality sex, he needs to put forth some effort. I told her she could visit him if she feels it’s necessary, but I also told her that our current deal is only for a few hours. Just driving there and back with stopping for more than a passing handshake is about 8 hours, I think. Maybe more. If she does that, she’ll likely want to stay the night, and I wouldn’t blame her. Still, that’s not the deal—at least not yet.

One Saturday a month my son and I go to another family’s home. I believe I’ve mentioned it before. In this case, we are there for at least 3 hours in addition to the half-hour or more each way to and from. That gets her one way unless she meets him halfway or at least some place closer. Even so, if I left around 1:30 or 2:00 and grabbed some late lunch with my son before heading to the family, she could have more time away unnoticed by our son, one of the prime detractors. We might grab some dinner on the way home and be back around 7:30. This would give her 5 hours. She could say she was going out for her own dinner and a film, which might justify her being gone until about 10:00, but, again, unless she works something out, she’s up to 8 1/2 hours, 8 of which are travel. Not much time for anything there.

So, if he isn’t heading this way, she almost needs to schedule an overnight stay. She could say she’s taking the night off at a hotel or a spa, which is a believable event. On one level, I am rubbing my hands together to see what she might offer in exchange for such an extended break. If I were her, I’d plan for the entire afternoon and night of AND have him do the travelling. That way she’d have nearly twenty hours together minus the sleeping, but who’d be sleeping anyway?

In any case, this is all just my imagination running away with me, as the song goes. Who knows how it’s really going to unfold. Time to get back to work.

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  1. i agree… our minds could suggest a lot of things… i thinks to just leave it off…

    Comment by HoneyScan — May 27, 2009 @ 8:29 am | Reply

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