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November 10, 2009

Back for More

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So, I am been absent here for quite a while. I have been very busy, and when I haven’t been busy, I haven’t wanted to spend my off-time contributing here. Some of the reason I have been busy is related to the economy: my company has fired about a quarter of its employees, whilst the remaining staff needs to accomplish the same workload. Through all of this, my wife and I are growing more distant, but we are still trying to keep it together.

She is still in touch with WarDaddy, who has re-entered school given the circumstances of the economy. They haven’t gotten back together in person since that last I wrote. She is only partially interested, mostly because he is unwilling to participate fully. Were he to offer to visit, she’d be all over the opportunity.

As for me, my employer is consolidating its 3 presences into a single building. This has benefitted me to at least one extent, and this is the main topic of this post: ugly women—rather, an unattractive woman. There is a woman—I’ll call her Kathy. She is decidedly unattractive—likely a 3 on a scale to 10. Less attractive than the woman I hooked up with once a few months back. She is 27 years old and about 5 feet tall, brown eyes and hair, a bit overweight, frumpy, and not attractive in the face. Nonetheless, she was showing interest in me. We had taken some lunches together, and then one thing led to another. Next thing I know, we were discussing personal things, and the topic turned to sex. So, when you are this unattractive, you can’t even kid yourself. She knows outright that she is not even remotely close to beautiful. She’s got low self-esteem. She’s got a high school diploma and work in data entry—not a lot of aspirations. When I enquired, she didn’t even have a particular goal in mind. She was just taking life one day at a time.

In conversation, she told me how lucky I was to be married. When I told her it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, she told me that she didn’t think she would ever get married, and though she had been on dates before, it was not because someone had asked her. It was because family or friends had set her up: no one had asked her, and she didn’t feel up to asking anyone else. Trying to be supportive, I told her that there is someone for everyone, that she shouldn’t be so hard on herself. That’s when she made her move and asked if I could see myself going out with “someone like her.” I told her I didn’t see why not, to which she noted I was married and said that I was safe to respond as such because I wouldn’t even really have the opportunity.

I told her that was not true, that she was the only thing preventing something from happening. I told her that I wouldn’t hesitate if she wanted proof. I am not sure she fully believed me—or rather she was in some sort of shock. She probed to see if I was serious, and I think she was trying to talk herself into it, too. Through this conversation I discovered that she lived alone in an apartment nearby, so I sort of invited myself back to her place. She was noticeably nervous and talked incessantly as she directed me to her apartment.

Outta time. More later…

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