My Favourite Life

November 12, 2009

More and More

I set my alarm as if I were going to work early and called in on my way back to her place. It was about 6 AM when I knocked on her door. She greeted me in her pyjamas. I was carrying a bag of supplies, and I told her we’d leave the contents as a surprise until later—that we should take some more rest on our day off. I asked her to undress, so we could sleep together nude, and we did. We did sleep fitfully until about 8:30 when I started getting a bit randy and began caressing her body. She didn’t object.

She told me she didn’t feel guilty when I broached the subject, so I told her I had some surprises in store, and I wanted her to do some things for me. I reassured her (somewhat, I suppose), that we were doing this for her—that if ever she felt uncomfortable and wanted to stop, I’d respect that choice and we’d go back to our previous state of living. She said she wanted more.

I asked her if she would mind shaving for me. We had a brief chat, and I brought out the first of my planned surprises—my shaver. I brought it from home, and I had bought some Astroglide, massage oil, a hand mirror, some razors, and some other fun stuff on my way home the night before. I told her to get a towel and place it under herself on the bed. I tried to make it feel clinical, so she would not be as uncomfortable. She was nervous anyway. I explained that we first needed to raze the bushy part, and then we’d be able to focus on the details. In a matter of minutes, she went from a rain forest to clear cut, and I told her we should finish up in the tub.

Whilst in the tub, I brought out the razors and shaving soap, giving her a lecture how she needed to finish the job. She managed to contort herself into the usual pubic self-shaving positions, and along the way we both took turns on assessing the results until we were both satisfied with the outcome. I told her that it was now time to rinse off the soap and stragglers. I turned on the faucet to a leukwarm temperature and guided her freshly shaven pussy under the stream. I asked her to remain there until I told her otherwise. Of course, my goal was to get her to cum that way. I fondled her breasts and played with her nipples as she was relaxing and becoming more relaxed. I could see along the way that she was beginning to realise what was happening. I just kept telling her to relax, relax. As expected, after a few minutes, she came. I told her I guessed she was pretty clean by now, but that we should take a normal shower together. I had already showered, but I invited myself to join her, rubbing her wet and sometimes soapy body all over.

I had eaten on the way over, but I told her just to do what ever she did in the morning to get ready for her day, so she made herself some breakfast. We sat around for a while after she was done, and I asked if she was ready for more. I told her that I was not a morning person when it came to sex, but we’d see how things go.  I told her that this time I had bought some massage oil that she should keep with some of the other supplies I brought.

We shook off the hairy towel we had been using and replaced it with a clean one. She giggled when I told her when we were again undressing that we should see if we could remain undressed all day. I squeezed out some massage oil and applied some to her back and started where we had left off the day before. This time, I spend more time kneading her ass, and sliding my fingers down her crack to touch her pussy now and again. In time, she rolled over and I oiled up her front side. She was clearly still not entirely comfortable, but she was participating as well as I might have expected. I oiled up her breasts and worked down to her pussy. Her pussy was the kind that hid everything. It was just a slit. I got the mirror I brought with me ask invited her to appreciate her sexuality. We discussed her body self-image, and I reassured her that her pussy was perfect and told her that she tasted wonderful, and that I would love another taste if she was up to it. She was.

I made sure to make excessive comments about her shaven state and spend much time kissing where her pubes had been just a while earlier, but then I went to work until she came again. I told her as much as I wanted fuck her pussy again I wanted to teach her a few more things.

Get some oil, and feel my cock. You are going to make me cum with your hand. She did as I said as I coached her through her pace and her grip, telling her what I liked and that not all guys preferred the same techniques. As I approached orgasm, I told her not to stop stroking until I said so, but just to watch me cum and not to be concerned with the mess. I had a decent orgasm, and in the end I just wanted her to see how things worked. We sort of talked about Sex 101 theory for the rest of the morning. I explained to her that it’s rare for me to cum more than once a day anymore, so I was basically down for the count. She had already cum twice, so we just rolled around in bed for a couple of hours after lunch. I started telling her about some of the other things we could do over time, and her reactions were pretty much in line with what one might expect. At some point we were becoming aroused again, so I solicited another bout, and she accepted. I asked her to mount me. She did, but it was awkward, so we reversed into missionary position. I was just screwing her slowly, but since I had cum earlier, it was taking forever to cum again. After what must have been twenty minutes, she surprised herself when she came a third time—but not as much as she did ten minutes after that. Finally, a short time later I came. It was far from great for me, and I was pretty beat by that point, but it was fun getting there. I was spent at that point—now I was really down for the count. What age does to a guy…

Another hour passed, and I needed to leave for home. I left her with a goodie bag including a small massager (read: vibrator) that I had planned to share with her, but we ran out of time and energy.

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