My Favourite Life

November 13, 2009

Another Week Gone

I worked the next day, but we arranged to take lunch at her place as she called in sick to make it seem more plausible that she had had a summer cold or some such. She was wearing her pyjamas still when she opened the door, and she seemed especially giddy. I asked if she was ready for more, and I reminded her that this was all for her benefit—well, mostly anyhow. After some small talk—and reminding her that I still had to get back to work—, I told her we should swap oral.

She dropped her pyjamas as I undressed myself. I removed my underwear, and when I saw she was still wearing her panties, I removed them, making sure I ran my hand over her smooth pussy and copping a feel of her breast as I guided her down to the bed. Quickly kissing her and taking a nipple into my mouth, I focused on my target: her clit. She did taste good, and I was just getting into the moment when she came. I told her that I wanted to fuck her for a while, so she wouldn’t have to work so hard to give me head. She didn’t complain, so we started to screw.

After a few minutes of telling her that I couldn’t wait for her to suck my cock, it was time. I pulled out and rolled over telling her just to use her mouth. “Feel it in your mouth. Enjoy it. You can make me feel as good with your mouth as I just made you feel. Remember how good it felt? That’s how it feels for me, too. You need to get a rhythm going and keep a steady pace. Don’t use your hands.”  She sucked my cock for a few minutes. I kept coaching her. “When I’m done, I’m gonna cum in your mouth, but don’t stop until I tell you to. Ok?” “Um hmm…,” she replied without missing a beat. I could tell I was about to cum, so I just released into her mouth. When I regained focus, I told her she could swallow, and I told her to slow down but not to stop. I told her when I was through, and she stopped, but she still had cum in her mouth. I coaxed her to swallow, and she finally did.

When I asked her how it was, she said she was mostly surprised. She said she could do it again. I told her she’d get used to it, and I told her she did great, especially for her first time, that I’d love for her to do it again.

I gave her naked body some attention, but then reminded her that I had to get back to work. I told her I wanted to do this more, but I couldn’t see her over the weekend and we’d have to figure out how to schedule some lunchtime rendez-vous. She said she’d like that. We agreed to shoot for Tuesdays and Thursdays for now and play it by ear. I wanted her to shave herself smooth at least on Tuesdays, and she agreed.

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