My Favourite Life

November 15, 2009


So Sunday is the night my wife has reserved for having sex. The past few months or so, sex has been just perfunctory, which I suppose is at least half the reason I decided to hook up with Kathy. It has been getting progressively worse each week, though I insist on at least once a week. It’s gotten to the point that last Sunday evening, she was headed out to do some errand when she realised that we hadn’t yet had sex that weekend—she always puts it off until the last moment anyway; so she tells me, “I am gonna probably be too tired when I get back, so if you want sex, I’ll just give you a blowjob.” Of course the “so if you want sex” was just rhetorical, and so we retired for a few minutes in our bedroom. I pulled down my jeans and she sucked my cock until I got off, and she got up, said good bye, and left. She was wearing her coat the whole time.  We’ll see what happens tonight.

Meantime, I am also looking forward to Tuesday wondering what I should do with Kathy. My goal is to do as much as I can with her as possible. She has so little experience that almost everything is new. While I don’t want to move too fast and seem too pushy, I also want to strike while the iron’s hot. Speaking of blowjobs, I’ll try to get Kathy up to speed on those and teach her how to deepthroat and such, but I really want to fuck her ass since that’s another something my wife is no longer doing—at least not lately.

School break is coming up and my wife has been dropping hints that she’d like to hook up with WarDaddy. It’s interesting how all of this just happens. I’ve been telling her that I don’t feel our marriage is in the best shape for her to be doing that, but that just gives me a stronger bargaining position, which translates to: she might be willing to give up some anal in exchange for my blessing to hook up. When it rains, it pours.

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