My Favourite Life

November 18, 2009

My Wife and Kathy

On Sunday my wife decided she wanted to park and screw, so we found a vacant business parking lot, and had sex. More to the point, she wanted to screw, but she started with a blowjob. Once she got started, she decided she didn’t want to stop, so that was that. No much to write home about, but it sure was a change from the routine we’ve been in.

On Monday I could tell Kathy was eager for more fun. I think we managed to act discreetly—at least I hope we did. I think she was looking forward to Tuesday as much as I was. We didn’t really speak to each other except in passing and my reminding her to “mow the lawn” in the morning because we wouldn’t have much time during lunchtime.

On Tuesday, she mentioned that her “lawn was mowed,” which made for a pleasant mental image. At lunch, we left for her place. It still felt a bit awkward on the drive over, so I tried to get some momentum built up. I told her I had an idea that I guaranteed she’d like, but I wanted it to remain a surprise. I also reminded her that as much as I’d like to spend the afternoon in bed, we had to return to work in about an hour or so.

Once inside her place, she looked more relaxed. I asked her if she would be embarrassed if someone saw her going into her apartment with some stranger during her lunch hour. She said that was some of it, but I told her not to worry so much. From behind her and without warning, I cupped her breasts in each of my hands and squeezed them gently before managing to turn her body to face me so I could give her a kiss. While we kissed, I kneaded her ass.

“Let me give you that surprise,” I said “but first let me get you naked first. I undressed the both of us until we were both standing nude looking at each other…or, rather, she was staring at the floor. I graced her bare pussy with my hand and commented on how smooth she felt. I guided her to her bed, and after she told me where she had stashed my goodies, I started massaging her back with some oil. Then she turned over, and I rubbed her front until I get to her pussy and started eating her. I told her that I wanted to give her her surprise, but I needed to know where I could find an electrical outlet. The nearest one had a clock and a lamp plugged into it, so I replaced the lamp with the vibrator and turned it on.

I was having fun. I could vicariously imagine the tingle when I first touched the vibrator to her skin. I started where her bush used to be before working down to her crack. This was not a dildo-shaped vibrator; it was a massager with a fairly large vibrating head. She naturally spread her legs as I positioned it lower, vibrating her entrance before moving it back up to her clit. I decided to go down on her for a few seconds before returning to the vibrator. I concentrated it on her clit, rocking it in a circular motion and occasionally running it down her crack and back up again. The massager had sort of a round head with a slightly curved top. Around the edges where some bumps, so I started to use the sides with the bumps thinking I could direct more focus on her clit in that position. Clearly, she was enjoying the journey, so I asked her if it felt good. Not surprisingly, she answered yes, but I was not going to get much of a conversation going at this point. She started breathing hard, almost panting, as she reached seconds from climax, and when she came she bucked hard and had to take some time to catch her breath.

After I went down on her to lap up her juices, I asked, again rhetorically, “How was that?” She just replied, “Wow!” I told her that she could keep this pleasure stick as a gift, so she could use it when she was alone. I had a feeling she might give her new toy and its magic powers a workout.

Now it was my turn. Without much further pause, I slid my cock into her pussy. After a few strokes, I told her to get on her knees, so she could see how doggy style felt. I pulled out, and she positioned her ass toward me on all fours, but I instructed her to lower her shoulders and relax as I took her from behind. I slid my cock along her slit a few times before taking the plunge. I was trying to take it as slowly as I could, taking long, deliberate strokes as I kneaded her butt checks. I grabbed the oil and squirted some out onto my hand and onto her bum, letting it drip down her crack. I massaged her ass for a bit before shifting focus to her bum hole, around which I started running circles with my thumb, applying slightly more pressure with each new circle, and then I made more of an up and down motion until I could feel her asshole relaxing enough that the tip of my thumb was able to penetrate her. I applied some more oil and as I continued to fuck her slowly, I worked my thumb in up to the first knuckle. She wasn’t saying anything, so I just kept on going. Soon, I replaced my thumb with my index finger, pouring even more oil there.

“How’s that,” I asked? “Does it feel OK? Does it feel good? Does it bother you?” She said it was fine and that I could continue, so I worked in a second finger. “One of these visits, you are going to take me in your ass. Would you like that?” After a pause and some goading, she said she didn’t see why not. I told her it wouldn’t be so much different from my fingers.

As I continued to fuck her, I told her I really wanted to cum in her mouth again. She said that would be fine, but I told her I didn’t mean just then, although I would be glad to. In any case, I didn’t have any time left, and I came in her pussy, thrusting very deep. I could feel her cervix, but it didn’t seem to bother her. I reassured her that I had a nice time and I hoped she liked it, too. She did.

As we dressed, I probed her to see if she was having any regrets or second thoughts, and she said her regret was that she hadn’t done this sooner. That sounded good to me. We grabbed some snacked from her place, and on the way back to the office we talked about sex and I told her I wanted to allow her to experience everything she was willing to try. She said she was open to trying anything at least once. Ah! Music to my ears.

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