My Favourite Life

November 19, 2009


This afternoon was interesting. Come lunchtime, she seemed especially nervous. On the way over, she was not very interactive, so I enquired as to what the problem might be. She was starting her period. It been so long since I’d had to deal with periods, I had pretty much forgotten about them. I told her not to worry, that we’d be fine, and I had no issues if she didn’t. She was of the mind that a period meant no sexual activity.

When we got to her place and I got her undressed, I saw she has a string hanging down from her tampon. I mentioned that I noticed, and I told her to just leave it in. I told her we had all sorts of options, and that I had no problem eating her and fucking her, but I also mentioned that what some people did is do things like oral or anal sex during periods. I could see she was self-conscious, so I just guided her to her bed and brought out her massage oil and start in as usual. A quick kiss and stop at her breasts on the way down, my tongue found her clit and started worked. “See, no worries. Just relax. We can trade oral if you’d be more comfortable.” She didn’t respond, so I just kept eating her until she came. “There, that’s better, eh?” I kissed her again, and she returned it harder than usual. I took it as a sign of appreciation.

“Now, it’s my turn. I want you to suck my cock again. You need the practise,” I said. I told her to start with some oil and her hand. I was already hard, and she did as I said, stroking my cock. Constantly reassuring her, I told her I wanted to feel her mouth on my cock again. I told her this time I wanted to also use her hand. She sort of got the hang of it. I coaxed her to take it in as deep as she could manage and told her that at some other time I’d show her some nice oral tricks. I told her next time we should use some Altoids, and she said that sounded like a good idea.  We weren’t done yet, but I was getting close again, so gave her the two-minute warning, telling her that I couldn’t wait to cum in her mouth and how much just the thought turned me on. When I finally came, I came hard. It was really good. She swallowed like a pro; she didn’t even hesitate. She said it was “no problem” when I asked her if I tasted OK. So, that’s not a “it’s delicious,” but it was good news to me.

There wasn’t anything to clean up, so we grabbed something to eat on the way out and headed back to work.

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