My Favourite Life

November 22, 2009

Sunday Morning

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I have been giving some thought to my original assessment of Kathy, though I am not back-tracking. She is still a 3 or so: frumpy, dumpy, not a sight to behold, but when we are together it doesn’t seem to matter. When she’s naked, she’s still a woman. It’s not like she’s some old hag or something, she just wasn’t blessed with beauty.

Nonetheless, her pussy is like any other pussy; in fact, it is better than some. I’d say it was ordinary, and an ordinary pussy is nothing to complain about. As I might have mentioned before, her pussy is very hidden. Even her slit seems short. I can’t say I’ve ever seen one so short. When she sported a bush, I couldn’t even tell she had a crack down there. Her pubic hair doesn’t appear to grow back very fast, which is a plus, too.

Her breasts are a full B or a small C cup, though they are not very firm or perky; they sag a bit more than I’d expect for a 20-something. Still, it doesn’t matter. I’ve seen worse. On the plus side, I can really hold onto them. My wife’s breasts are a larger C-cup, and I need to two hands. It’s not really the size, so much as the way they are shaped, the part that makes them floppy, that lets me really grasp them.

Her nipples are fairly large for her breasts and which I guess I’d call inverted—there is not the usual stem protruding; quite the opposite to my wife who has very prominent points. Also unlike my wife, who has very dark brown nipples, Kathy’s nipples are an extremely pale pink—lighter than the flesh of her breasts.  They are  not terribly responsive, but she seems to react when I  touch them. I can’t complain.

It seems the commonest feature I could describe her by is her “sagging.” And it’s not just her tits. Dressed, her ass is rather large and sagging; undressed, it is large and sagging, but when I was mounting her from behind, I didn’t even notice. As a matter of fact, I was imagining how I would feel to fuck it. Speaking of fucking, her pussy is as enjoyable as any other nice pussy: warm and wet. And speaking of lips, she has nice blowjob lips: full and plump. She doesn’t give the best head, but given time, I am sure she’ll come around. With lips like that, it’s a start. She needs to gain more confidence and muster some enthusiasm. Believe me: I’ve had worse. Anyway, as for the sexual pieces, she’s got everything a guy could want. I think too much emphasis is spent on beauty. I am not saying it isn’t nice to have, and I’m not saying I’d want to be seen with Kathy as eye candy—or whatever you’d call it; but I am saying she is able to please me as well as many better looking women before her, and I’m not complaining. I’ll take it as it comes.

So what I an really wondering is why some unattractive women have no trouble hooking up and why ones like Kathy do. I think it comes down to self-confidence and body self-image. I have to say that some ugly women don’t see themselves as ugly, and this makes all the difference. How this works is beyond me, but I suppose whatever works is good.

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