My Favourite Life

November 25, 2009

Silly Girl

Yesterday was interesting. I asked Kathy of she wanted to try anal, but she wasn’t up to the idea at the moment. I told her I wasn’t so much in a fucking mood as I was in a different mood, so I said we should try reciprocal oral again. She was fine with that. I told her that I did want to fuck her a little bit, too. That perked her up. Silly girl. I asked her how that vibrator was working out, and she just smirked like a guilty child caught with her hand in the cookie jar—rather, honey pot. I kissed her and reassured her.

We started in the typical manner. She had remembered to shave that morning, so she was perfectly smooth. I asked her if she liked being bare down there now that she had been doing it for a couple of weeks. She said it felt nice but she felt like a little girl, and sometimes it itched and gave her razor bumps, so we discussed some remedies for that. I told her she was better off to shave more often rather than less often until she got used to it. I told her to try ever day or every other day to condition her skin.

I ate her as usual until she came, commenting the whole while on how nice it was not to have to hassle with a pubic bush. For a bit of a change, I decided to work some fingers into her pussy as I ate her. I was only able to fit three fingers. After she came, and I enjoyed her juices, I slid my cock into her for a few strokes.

I told her we were going to do a different kind of blowjob, but I didn’t tell her I was going to be teaching her to deepthroat. I wasn’t even sure she’d know what that was. I told her that I wanted her to relax and I wanted to fuck her mouth and that the best position for that was for her to lie on her back on the bed, hanging her head over the edge of the bed. She nervously complied.

I told her that I would do most of the work, and all she had to do is relax. I oiled up my cock and started slowly, commenting as usual about how good she felt. I played with her breasts which were very accessible while I fucked her mouth. When she said she was OK with what was happening, I told her I was going to go deeper, and all she had to do is relax, and she’d be fine. She shook her head—cock in mouth—and gave a muffled OK. I warned her that she just needed to focus on sucking my cock and not on anything else (like gagging). I managed to work my cock in. When I could see she starting to look somewhat uncomfortable, I reminded her that she was doing just fine. Next thing I knew, I could feel her throat around the shaft below the head of my cock, and I was taking strokes as deep as my length would allow. I pulled out so she didn’t feel she couldn’t breathe, and then I went back for more. I was asking her how she was doing the whole time, and she gave cues that she was not having problems. I could tell I could hold back any longer, and I told her I needed to go in all the way while I came, and I wanted her to not be surprised. And so I came, I thrust to the hilt and unloaded down her throat. I pulled back a bit, keeping my cock in her mouth for a short time before withdrawing all the way.

“Wow! That was great. You did great. How was it?” I asked excitedly. Again, she said it was fine. So we talked, and she said she didn’t mind and that she wasn’t all that uncomfortable. Most of the discomfort was not knowing what to expect. I told her we’d definitely try it again, and she’d know just what to expect. I also told her there were some additional tricks I’d like to show her. She was game.

Returning to work I asked her if she knew what happened, what she’d just done. She had no idea, so I told her she just deepthroated me. By her response, she had heard of the concept, but she was almost proud to think that she had done that. She said she thought that that was something reserved or porno stars. I told her she’d be ready to be a porno star by the time she was through—and then some.

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