My Favourite Life

December 2, 2009

Tuesday Afternoon

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I guess it was bound to happen. Kathy was quiet on the way to her place, and when we got there, she “needed to talk.” This is not what I signed up for, but I listened. She was wondering where this was all going and her future and our future. Trying not to make her feel bad, I told her that she would need to work through it. I was there for her, but this was a physical relationship. We didn’t really have the time nor did I want to invest any energy in anything more. I already have a relationship, which is plenty of work in and of itself. I told her that if she was uncomfortable, she just needed to say the word and I wouldn’t bother her, but that I didn’t just want a pal to hang out with at lunchtime.

Talking some more, she agreed that she never really had any future plans, but since we were together she had been thinking about how where her life would be going. I told her just to enjoy the moments as they come and the rest will follow. She seemed to calm down a bit.

“Get undressed,” I told her, hoping to break the mood. It worked, and she undressed. “I know what I want. What do you want to do?” I asked. She shrugged and said, “nothing.” “Just let me stare at you then until you decide.” I asked her to put her hands down by her side, and she did. I asked again, and she still had no preference. It was risky, but I asked her if she was sure she wanted to keep meeting like this. She said she did, but she still sounded reluctant. I asked if something else was bothering her, but she said there was nothing.  She was kind of bumming me out, not exactly getting in the mood, if you catch my drift.

I noticed that she was freshly shaven, so I assumed she was in the mood earlier, and I commented on her smooth pussy, reaching to cop a feel, running my finger up her slit. “You’re so smooth.” I decided to try to change the mood by playing with her pussy. That worked fairly well. Soon enough she was wet and I was drawing up the moisture to lubricate her clit for my finger. I rubbed her clit in circles. Her mood was changing for the better, so I asked her to move over to the bed so I could eat her pussy.

I took my time eating her pussy and lapping up her juices until she came. I didn’t hesitate much before sliding my cock into her pussy in a missionary position, and we just fucked and fucked. Just before I came she came again. I think she was finally relaxed again.

On the way back to work she said she didn’t know why she was so out of sorts, but she promised it wouldn’t happen again. I didn’t believe her, but time will tell…

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