My Favourite Life

December 12, 2009

Happy Birthday

When we got together on Thursday, Kathy asked me if I wanted anything special for my birthday, and she offered me her ass, but I told her I was sort of “anal’ed out” for now. I told her that I wanted her to try deepthroat again, but that we would be taking a different position. She didn’t hesitate in responding that she was fine with the idea. So far, so good. We undressed and went through the usual foreplay, and I ate her smooth pussy until she came. I wanted to reacclimate her to deepthroat, so we tried the same position that worked previously, and it worked just as well. Then I told her I wanted her to get in a more typical blowjob position. I propped myself up at her headboard against some pillows, and she got herself into blowjob position. She’s still very new at blowjobs in general, but after she oiled up my cock a little more, she was going down all the way in no time. I just kept encouraging her and giving her positive feedback because it felt great. Again, when I knew I was going to cum, I reminded her to go down all the way and hold that position until I let her know I was done. I didn’t cum hard, but I did seem to take longer than usual to unload. Kathy was getting a bit uncomfortable not being able to come up for air, but she was able to wait until I was done.

I reinforced her effort and technique and asked if this was something she could do on an ongoing basis. She said she didn’t see why not. Each day just keeps getting better and better. What better of a birthday gift could I have possibly had?

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