My Favourite Life

December 16, 2009

Well Oiled Machine

I think Kathy and I are going to hook up only one more time before holiday break. Yesterday was nice, and I am looking forward to tomorrow. I suggested we try something different if she was up to it. Without asking what I might mean, she agreed. I told her that I wanted to watch her get herself off, and then I wanted her to get me off. She seemed somewhat surprised, but she was fine with the idea.

To get started, I undressed her and fondled and caressed her. I guided her down on the bed, and began to eat her smooth pussy for a few minutes. Then I instructed her to get some oil. I poured some—probably too much—onto her pussy and rubbed it in, managing to rub her clit well. I really did over-do the quantity. It was flowing down her crack and left a puddle on her bed. She said it didn’t matter, so I kept on. I cupped her pussy with my fingers and easily slid a couple well-oiled fingers into her pussy, rubbing the length of my fingers across her clit as I stroked her pussy. I could tell she was getting into it, but I reminded her that I wanted to watch her do herself.

It turns out that while she did make use of the vibrator I bought her, she did was not accustomed to using her fingers, but I knew she’d get the hang of it, and she did. I could tell that she was a bit embarrassed as she kept her eyes shut and got herself into the zone. I encouraged her the entire time, occasionally cupping a breast, sucking a nipple, kissing her lips, or nibbling her neck and ears. I probably took her about 10 minutes or so to cum, but she did. It wasn’t big or dramatic; she rather just eased herself into a quiet orgasm. I could tell she enjoyed herself, and I thanked her for the show.

Now it was my turn, so I told her to lube up my cock. I was already hard, as you might expect. I lied down on my back on her bed and let her stroke me. Of course, it felt good. She had a nice rhythm going. I tried to encourage her in this activity, too, and then when I was close to coming I told her I wanted her to finish with her mouth. Evidently, I didn’t give much warning. By the time her lips reached my cock, I was already coming. It didn’t seem to matter to her. She just took what I had to offer and smiled after swallowing graciously.  I thanked her again. All in all, we were both satisfied.

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