My Favourite Life

December 18, 2009

Last Time

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Yesterday was the last time Kathy and I will be hooking up for a couple of weeks—until some time after New Years’ Day. We had a nice time, as usual—just fucking. When we settled into her place, I walked her over to the bedside, and we made out standing next to the bed. I unfastened her pants and dropped her panties to her knees, leaning her forward over her bed; then I did the same. I kneaded her bum for a few, and then I poked her pussy from behind. I am not sure what she was expecting, but it was something different. We were just standing there with our pants at our ankles, and I was pounding away from behind; and then I came, took a few additional strokes, and I pulled out. I wiped the cum off my cock with a wash cloth, and I pulled her pants back up, fastening them again, before I did the same for myself. I am not sure she knew what had just happened.

I was in a deviously playful mood. I told her to lie on her bed, and I got the vibrator from her night table while she did this. I plugged it in, turned it on, and guided it to her pussy—though she was completely dressed. I handed it to her and asked her to finish herself while I watched; I reminded her that I liked to watch. She simply complied.

In a matter of minutes she had gotten herself off, and I told her we should get going. As we pulled away, I asked her to put her hands down her pants, and of course her pussy was soaked with her cum and mine. I thought it would be funny to fill her up and let her drip dry. I also thought that she might feel somehow naughty at work, spending the remainder of the day with panties full of cum—not to mention the smell of fucking. It’s not that anyone would consciously notice, but I wanted her to be wondering if anybody would notice, so I made a special point to bring it to her attention. She blushed. For added mischief, I asked her to smell her hand. It reeked of sex.

In passing at work, I could tell she was noticeably nervous that someone might be on to her. I imagine that when she got home that evening to change, her panties were caked. Ah, the simple pleasures in life.

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