My Favourite Life

December 26, 2009

‘Tis the Season

My wife hooked up with WarDaddy, but not all went as planned. She called me at lunchtime on Friday and told me she wanted to get going so she’d have time to prepare and relax. She said she was on the way over to my office and needed to make good on her blowjob before she left and wanted to know if I would mind getting it at lunch break. I told her I was just finishing something up, and she said she was waiting in the parking lot. I’d finish up after lunch.

The car was packed and ready to go. We agreed that a nearby nature preserve would be just the place to rendez-vous, so she headed that way and parked out the way when we had arrived. It’s been pretty cold as of late, so we left the car running with the heat on. When she asked if I was ready, I unzipped and pulled out my cock. She coated my cock in the massage oil she brought. Before going down on me, she said she wanted me to know how much she appreciated letting her get away for the weekend. Wasting no more time, she leant over and went down on me. I found out what she meant by showing me her appreciation. I one motion, almost without a pause, she went all the way down. She meant business. I could tell she was going all out. She stayed down as long as she could, came up for air, and went back again. If not the best blowjob I have ever had, it is certainly the best in recent memory. I tried just to relax and enjoy it, but before I knew it, I was coming, and she just stayed down as I streamed down her throat.

“There; how was that,” she asked. It was perfect. She cleaned up the slobber and oil before driving me back to the office and heading to visit the WarDaddy. I am not sure how much more to write in this post. I have so much more to tell.

My wife called me from the hotel room after she had settled in. She had a safe trip and waited for WarDaddy to show up. She spent her time relaxing, taking a bath, shaving her pussy, and getting a bit tipsy. Evidently, she greeted him wearing a sheer nightgown—and nothing else. She said she was pretty drunk, so once he was in the room and the door was closed, she dropped her robe. She said she just gave him a blowjob and he had cum within five (or two) minutes of showing up. She had him put his suitcase in the closet, and she helped him to take his coat off. She just unzipped him and sucked his cock as he leant against the door. She told me how especially hard his cock was but how quickly he came.

Later that night, she said, they also went to take a Jacuzzi together and the place was somewhat deserted at that hour, so she was teasing his cock and balls under his swimming trunks. When he couldn’t take it anymore, they returned to their room for more. One thing my wife can be is a big tease, and she likes to play (though I wish she’d like to do more with me). She said she had him sit on desk chair and she mounted his cock, riding him up and down until she made him cum again. He broke out his laptop and wanted to show her his Warcraft characters, so they did that for a while. Just past midnight, she thought he’d be ready again, so she started playing with him again. He was having trouble getting it up, I guess, so she sucked his cock until he came again.

The next morning when WarDaddy was showering my wife called to tell me she had awoken him with a blowjob. I didn’t want to ruin the moment, but I can’t remember that last time I got that treatment. It’s been years, I know.

She said they went to several places nearby the hotel. According to her, she went out wearing only boots and a long coat with nothing underneath, but she didn’t tell him about it because she got undressed in the bathroom before she put on the coat or something. She talked him into going to see his apartment but that she needed to pick some things up from Target, so they found one nearby. While they were in a vacant aisle, she flashed him and showed him that she had nothing on underneath her coat. I guess he kinda freaked.

She said his place is tiny and that she was glad she had gotten a hotel instead. Nonetheless, she said she gave him another blowjob in his room so he’d have fond memories of her when he was there alone. She told me her goal was to make him cum as many times as she could while she was up there. I guess they went from there to the supermarket. She sent him in to buy a cucumber, but she had to send him back because the first one was a tiny pickling cuke. He managed to come back with a real cucumber the second time around.

She gave him a show, fucking herself with the cucumber while he watched; and after a while she asked him to fuck her with it. Her other plan was to let him fuck her in the ass. During previous visits, it never worked out, but she said this time it did. She said she didn’t really trust him to do it right, so she decided to loosen her own ass a bit with her fingers and lube as he was playing with the cucumber. She told her what he wanted from him, and when she saw he was ready, she got onto her knees and took him from behind. She said it seemed to take him forever and he had to reapply lube several times. Other than that, she said it was fine but that she should have done anal first instead of giving him a blowjob since he came so quickly the first time. I told her that I hope she’d be ready for more of that when she got home. She said she was kinda looking forward to it.

In any case, she said they fucked twice more and he was tuckered out from it all. He said he just wanted to fuck her normally, and so he let her. She said to make him feel better, when he said he was tired, she asked if he could fuck her once more before he went to bed. He obliged.

My wife called me on Sunday to tell me that she had awakened him morning with another blowjob, and here’s where things didn’t go exactly to plan. She was supposed to leave in the morning to be home by early afternoon. Instead, she called around noon to “ask” for another night. When I told her no, she said she’d make it up to me, and she hung up the phone. I was pissed to say the least. A few minutes later she called again pleading for me to agree. She said she’d be home by noon Monday. I told her I’d agreed, but she was going to pay up in trade big time.

Monday came, and she didn’t get home until nearly five in the evening. She walked in smiling but looking quite sheepish. She picked up some Boston Market dinner on the way home. We ate, and our son went to play Warcraft.

She was all apologies, but reiterated that she’d make it up to me. I told her I’d make sure she did. I also reminded her that I was horny as hell, so I hoped her ass was ready. She knew I was going to say that. When we were undressed I noticed that her pussy wasn’t clean shaven, so I told her to touch it up. I watched her for half an hour as she razed the five o’clock shadow—some days late. Then she took an enema.

When we were finally ready, she aid on her back so I could eat her. I had all of the implements ready to go. I set aside a lubed vibrator, so as I was eating her I reamed her ass. I ate her until she came. She said she hadn’t come the entire time she was with WarDaddy. I mounted her pussy for a couple of strokes, and then I pointed my cock further south and fucked her ass in missionary position. She was kind of surprised, but she was ready for it. The vibrator helped to pave the way. After a few minutes, I paused and rolled her over so that she was on top, and then I asked her to do the work and ride me. I know this is one of her lease favourite positions, but she just starting riding. After a while she sat more upright—we had started body to body—, and she rode me like a pogo stick. I asked her to slow down, so I could enjoy it longer. She sat all the way down, waited, and the came up slowly; then she eased herself all the way down and repeated, and repeated. I could tell I was about to come. I told her that when I started coming, just to sit down on me again. When I started to come, she did exactly as I had asked, and I unloaded deep inside her ass.  I told her not to move, and she just sat there for another five minutes or so with my cock up her ass. “Perfect,” I told her. Just perfect. “You owe me a lot of that. I hope it was worth it, because ‘no’ is not going to be in your vocabulary for quite a while. This is just the beginning.”

Finally, I handed her her vibrator and told her I wanted her to get off with my cock up her ass. She rocked back on her hips and targeted her clit. I had a spectacular view. When she came, she came hard. I could feel her ass spasm when she was coming until her spasms worked my cock out of her ass.

That was Monday. Today is Saturday. We have done quite a bit since then, but I need to give the keyboard a rest. So until next time…

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