My Favourite Life

December 27, 2009

Catching Up

My wife has been paying up without a fuss. Frankly, I am surprised, though I am waiting for the other shoe to drop as it were. She is so fond of giving up. On Tuesday morning, I woke her up with anal. It was past nine, and I just started fondling her. I went down on her until she came and rolled her onto her stomach. The lube was still in reach from the night before, so without further ado, I lubed her up, lubed me up, and worked my cock into her ass. She was laying flat on her stomach, so I just rode her nice ass. Having just come the night before, it took a long time, but she didn’t say a word. I kept repeating, “This sure beats a morning blowjob.” Not that it really did, but I think she got my point. All in all, she was a god sport about the whole thing. When I was done, we started our day. That evening, I started fondling her again, but I wasn’t really looking for action.

On Christmas Eve Day, she tried to wake me with a blowjob. I think this was a strategy aimed to serve several purposes. First, she could give her ass a rest; second, she wanted to give me what she gave WarDaddy. She was alternating between deepthroat and a regular BJ. Again, I seemed to be taking longer than usual. She mentioned how long it was taking several times. I just told her that it felt good and not to stop. When I finally came, the orgasm wasn’t so great and my cum was thick like pudding. By habit, she reached for a Kleenex, but I reminded her that there would be no spitting anytime soon. I told her I wanted to see what I delivered. She showed me, and then she swallowed.

On Christmas, we slept in and didn’t have sex until the afternoon. I had her shave again and told her we’d be doing soixante-neuf. Again, she’s not a big fan, but I am going to strike while the iron is still hot, and it’s still hot. As for me, I love sixty-nine—with the right partner, that is: Foreplay and sex all at once. I can’t remember the last time we did sixty-nine. It has to have been ages. I lay on my back, and she straddled my face. It was just as I remembered. She and I are perfectly matched for sixty-nine, though she might disagree, as she finds it difficult to focus on getting me off and getting herself off at the same time. That’s not to say that she found it difficult to get off; she came first, and I have to say it was wonderful. There I was lapping up her juices—and her wonderful scent—whilst she was going to town on me. It was still a while before I came, and by the time I did she was coming up to her second one. I just kept eating until she came again.

Yesterday, I told her I was ready for more anal. I was expecting some resistance, but she just asked for time to take an enema. When she was ready, I told her I wanted my cock in her throat to start. When it was hard enough, I’d change venues. Of course, I was hard in a matter of seconds, but I played with her ass and lube for a while longer. We started with her on her knees in standard anal position, but I was in the mood for missionary again. First she lay flat on her stomach for a few more strokes, and then she turned over and lifted her knees up around her ears. I just made myself at home, continuing to pleasure myself in her ass. She lowered her legs so we were in a normal fucking position, and I took my final thrusts this way.

After I came, I told her to masturbate for me with her fingers. She did, and she came nicely. I pulled out when she was done. Though anal is not her favourite, getting herself off with a cock in her ass is probably her favourite: bitter-sweet, I suppose.

I’ve got another week of holiday, and I am hoping everything continues as expected. As I say, I know she is going to call an end to this, and when she does I’ll remind her of her indebtedness. Meantime, I am just going to enjoy it to its full extent.

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