My Favourite Life

December 27, 2009

A New Winner

OMG, I have found a new sexual favourite by a long shot. I told my wife I wanted to watch her masturbate with her fingers whilst she gave me head. She did me one better. We stripped down, and I propped my head up on some pillows to enjoy the view. She lay on her side, her feet pointing the same direction as mine. She started playing with herself and went down on me. This alone was bliss, but when she went deep, I can’t even describe the pleasure in words. Once she got going, the deeper (or longer) she went down, her fingers were pleasuring her clit furiously. Surprisingly, I didn’t cum immediately. She kept on pleasuring the both of us, until I could tell she was about to come. The closer she got the more vigourous she was on my cock. She came very hard, and she kept on few a few more seconds for good measure before focusing solely on me. Like a hungry animal, she devoured my cock until I came; and I came as hard if not harder than she did. It was awesome. I can’t wait for a repeat of this one.

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