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March 2, 2010

March Update

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So, a lot has happened in the past month or so. I had been so mixed about continuing with Kathy. At first I hooked up with her because I wasn’t getting enough at home, and then she was interfering with my having sex home.  But now, sex at home is becoming a drag again, so I am glad I didn’t burn my bridges, so to speak.

It is funny that these two are such opposites. Lately, my wife doesn’t want to do much of anything, and Kathy is up for everything. Through all of this I have come to appreciate Kathy all that much more. For a period there (when I had no time to write about it), I was trying to minimise my contact with Kathy, but that just encouraged her to try harder. In the end, it wasn’t her trying as much as it was my schedule getting unblocked. I guess it’s sort of a win-win scenario.

Kathy has been trying to win me over, not only with her sexual enthusiasm, but she has been trying to lose weight, dress better, and make herself up. People at work have notice and ask her why the sudden change, but she just tells them she felt it was just time for a change—nothing special. She’s not going to win a beauty contest any time soon, but she is trying to make herself feel better. In the end, it is her enthusiasm that’s the best. At home, it’s always no, no, and no. But with Kathy, it’s always, “Sure, why not.” What a difference.

A few weeks ago she was up for some light B&D. I tied her in 4-points to the bedposts. Well, she doesn’t really have bedposts, per se—do they make beds like that anymore?—, but we managed. We played with the standard faire: blindfolds, ice, candle wax, a vibrator, and some insertable objects. I tied her on her back, and I discovered that she has especially sensitive nipples. I guess I knew it before, but I think I’ll remember this time around. Generally, her nipples are not very responsive—my wife’s are—, but they really perked up with ice. I am pretty sure we had tried ice before, and maybe I just forgot, but her nipples got so hard and pointy, and she writhed when I was focusing on them.

We also played a game where she had to guess what I was doing. The ice and wax were no brainers, but guessing what I was putting in her pussy was another thing. She didn’t guess very well, but it was fun nonetheless. I figured I’d work my way up from carrots and bananas to zucchini and cucumbers with an occasional cock for good measure.

I was focusing almost entirely on her pussy, so when I slid my cock into her ass, she was surprised. While I fucked her ass I focused her slim vibrator on her clit. She came twice before I came once. We took a shower together when we were done, and we did our best to peel off the little hardened wax droplets from her body. She said she really enjoyed being so vulnerable.

 Well, I am out of time again. Much more has happened, and we are back to meeting twice a week. I never know when I’ll have time to write, but I do know it’s not now.


  1. write more plz! :)~

    Comment by thoughtful — March 26, 2010 @ 6:02 pm | Reply

  2. This is a real true, great story here. Thanks for sharing.

    Comment by London Escort Agency — April 29, 2010 @ 6:03 am | Reply

  3. great story….dont forget to keep us updated 🙂

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    Comment by Seymore — June 10, 2010 @ 10:02 am | Reply

  4. keep posting! it’s been awhile.

    Comment by jp — July 24, 2010 @ 4:02 pm | Reply

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