My Favourite Life

July 30, 2010


My life has been so busy these past months, that I finally got a chance to take a break. My son is out of school for the summer, so he and I decided to visit my family. My wife had other ideas. Her WarDaddy was also on school holiday, so they arranged time at our place for almost the entire week. He’ll be staying until tomorrow, and I’ll be returning on Sunday. He’s been there since Saturday just after I left.

My wife has called me daily, several times on some days in fact. She says they have been having a bang-up time, and she enjoys being in her own environment, though she misses us. Her details are sometimes sketchy, but it sounds like on balance it is just one big bed-in.

As is usual for us, we came to an agreement to make this happen. Our sex life is still hit and miss, and I am still seeing Kathy at least once a week, but I need to get what I can from my wife. As usual, I tend to exchange for things that she is less apt to give on her own. As it typically does, it involved her bum and shaving. I told her that the night before I left and on the day I return I wanted her ass. True to her word, that is the last sex I have had, and it is what I look forward to in a couple of days. On Friday before I left, she shaved her pussy and I had her sit her ass on my cock and ride me until I came. She didn’t want anything in return. She is supposed to shave freshly for me on Sunday. I can’t wait.

As far as she has told me, they’ve been having at least three courses of sex a day—but no anal. She tells me that she hasn’t come once, though that doesn’t surprise me. Personally, I pity the woman who ends up with this guy. What can I say? She enjoys the fucking and sucking part. She says that they hang around naked pretty much all day and night, and at every opportunity she teases him to see if she can get him hard again. When she does, she takes care of it.

On one hand, I am somewhat envious; but on the other hand, it’s been a long time since I could cum more than once a day. Twice is already a hardship, so if it makes her feel good, so be it. Meantime, I am horny as hell waiting to get home. I’ll just relax while I can.

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