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August 7, 2010

Not Her Hair

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We had some new acquaintances over to the house the other night. They are a couple I only recently met, and they had never been to our house or met my wife. After dinner and some drinks we were making small talk and somehow the conversation turned to the hygiene of the bathroom, especially the area around the toilet. My wife says how she can’t stand the pubic hairs that sometimes tend to collect around this area. The other woman nods in agreement. My wife goes on to say that I should be the one tasked with keeping the area clean in general, to which I reply, “Why should I be the one to clean it up? I’m not the only one using the toilet.” My wife, in her typical open mouth, think later fashion blurts out, “Well, you know they certainly not mine!” at which point the conversation stops, and all eyes are on her. Of course, I know that her pussy is typically shaven, so her exclamation makes perfect sense to me. Nonetheless, I counter with, “How do you know that?” At this point she not only realises what she had said, but she blushes beet red, stammering in an attempt to recover the conversation. “Well, you know why.”

Our guests catch on fairly quickly. He laughs out loud, and his wife, after a brief moment clues in, too, and then she blushes, too. Still not fully recovered my wife tries to defend by looking in my direction and saying, “That’s his preference,” and I just smile and nod. His wife chimes in, “I’ve shaved down there before, but I  hated it.” The other guy is getting more uncomfortable by the moment and says to his wife, “I didn’t know you’d done that before. You’ve never done that for me.” She reminds him, “I just told you I hated it, and it was so itchy growing back in. I’ll never do that again,” and then my wife says, “I actually think it’s nice, and you get used to it growing in.” “And if you keep in clean shaven, then you don’t have to worry about it growing in.”

After some more small talk, we went our separate ways. I haven’t had the chance to follow up the conversation with our friends, but I don’t think I ever will.

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