My Favourite Life

August 15, 2010

A Wager

The couple we had over in the last post reciprocated, and we had dinner at their place. No mention was made about the pubic hair around the toilet incident—though I did wonder how that turned out of their end. Nothing eventful happened, but on the drive home my wife says to me, “They’re a nice couple. I think “Jake” likes me. I bet I could get him to have sex with me,” to which I replied, “That’s no bet. He’s a guy.” “But he’s married,” she countered. So I reiterated, “He’s a guy.” Now, not all guys will jump on an offered vagina—not ever all straight guys—, but I think most will.

I could tell by her tone and the look in her eyes that this was not a wager she was proposing. Rather, she wanted to fuck him, and she was asking for my buy-in. “What am I going to get out of this?” I asked. “Obviously, she’s uptight, and don’t think I’d be interested in her even if she weren’t uptight.” She tells me suggestively, “I could make it worth your while,” and she reached across and grabs my cock through my jeans.

“Alright, tell me this. How do you plan to make this happen. We don’t spend much time with these guys, and you couldn’t likely come up with an excuse to see him alone,” I say. She replies, “I’ll bet you could ask him over to do some guy things and make yourself scarce.” Though it might work, I tell her that I don’t think that sounds like a very good plan, and then I change the subject somewhat. “Why are you so interested in being such a slut?” I pose. “I’m just bored,” she responds.

I continue: “Why don’t I invite them both over again, and then you can make a move? How does that sound, or would that be awkward? What were you thinking?” We’d arrived home and continued the conversation inside. She said that she hadn’t actually given it much though, but that that sounded like it would work just fine. “I’ll wear something somewhat revealing and be real flirty,” she says. But I counter that if she is too flirty that his wife will catch on or at least be very uncomfortable.  “I figure it out,” she says. “I’ve got my ways.”

So last Friday night we had them over again for an afternoon BBQ in the backyard. My wife had decided that a sundress would do the trick—sans underwear. Of course she doesn’t actually wear underwear anyway, but under the subdress it can be more than obvious.  The problems started while we were grilling when my wife got drunk, which gets her mouth running at fast forward. As we were all standing around making small talk when she blurts out to his wife, “Kate”: “I was so embarrassed last time you were over and we got onto the topic of my shaven pubic area. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable,” which of course broaching the subject again did. “It’s just I can’t even remember that last time I wasn’t shaven down there.” Now I could see her plan. She would not be flirty to him directly. She just wanted to get his mind whirring. She was getting exceptionally giddy.

I suggested she may want to slow down on the alcohol intake. “Maybe we should change the topic,” I say, but she keep on talking, all the while ratcheting up the discomfort level, but it’s too late to stop her. “Even now the best thing about being shaven is feeling the air blow up my dress. It’s nice to feel a  cool breeze with this hot weather.” She fluffs out her skirt exaggeratedly to demonstrate air circulation, I suppose. “See? Much better.” She turns to Jake gesturing to Kate’s pubic area: “I’d bet you’d like Kate to shave for you, Jake. Wouldn’t you?”

At this point even I was getting uncomfortable. I was waiting for Kate to slap her or storm out in a huff. I am pretty sure Jake remembered the conversation during their last visit, and they may have spoken about it afterwards in private. “No. I am not really into that little girl look.”

My wife countered quickly, “I am pretty sure that no one would think she looked like a little girl if she was bald down there. I mean you can’t possibly think that I look like a little girl. Do I?” He stammered, “No,” and she posed the same question to Kate. “No, of course not.” Somehow, my wife seemed to feel somehow vindicated, and the conversation died mercifully.

The rest of the time seemed otherwise uneventful, and they left before dark, and we said our goodbyes, but the story doesn’t end here. She grabs me by the hand and rushes me into the bedroom. “Jake’s coming over tomorrow when you’re gone.” I have a commitment most Saturday mornings, and I am out of the house from 7 AM to about 3 PM. She found time to make this arrangement. I hadn’t even noticed, and I presume neither did Kate, so I asked her for details.

At some point when we were cleaning up—bringing in the dishes and stuff from the picnic table area—, she found a moment to suggest to Jake that she would be clad to share her shaven pussy with him in the morning and let him know that I would not be around for several hours. I pressed for details. “When we were alone for a moment in the kitchen I told him, ‘You are not going to convince me that you wouldn’t want to fuck a nice shaven pussy’. And I lifted my sundress to show him. I told him that you would be away tomorrow morning—as you are every Saturday—, and that he should strike while the iron is hot. And then I grabbed his cock through his pants. He told me he’d be able to get away. Just fuck me.” I paused for a moment. This wasn’t a continuation of her story. She wanted sex, and so we did.

When I got home at a quarter to 3 or so, she was giddy as a schoolgirl, still wearing the sundress she had worn the day before. Her devious smile was beaming ear to ear. “Jake left around 1. He was here for a couple of hours. He didn’t have my number—he only has your cell—, so he just showed up. ” “And so what happened?” I wanted to know.

“I had been up for a while, and I took a bath and shaved my pussy freshly for him. He looked a bit nervous when I opened the door, so I offered him a drink, which he had, and I had a glass of wine. I told him that this was not a regular thing, but that I find him hot. We talked for a while more—mostly about his wife—as we moved into the bedroom and sat on the sofa. I could tell he was feeling guilty, and he was trying to justify to himself why he should be able to cheat on his wife. He told me, ‘I did ask her to shave, and she gave me the line about the little girl.’ I told him that I could tell. ‘She’s not really into sex much, but we do have it,’ he continued. I asked him if she gave good head, and he said that she had done it once or twice over the years but that she didn’t like to do it.

“I stood up and stepped out of my sundress, and his jaw dropped and he just stared. I told him that he’d have to get his pants off, too if he wanted me to take care of him. I told him, ‘Just stand up. I’ll take care of the rest.’ I unbuckled his belt and pants, and I dropped them with his underwear and guided him to the bed. I oiled up his cock and started jerking him off until he got hard and I started sucking his cock. He does have a pretty nice cock, but he is uncircumcised, which kind of freaks me out. ‘Why don’t you take advantage of this shaven pussy,’ I offered, and I laid on my back to give him access. I thought he’d go down on me, but he’s not a very good lover. He just shoved his cock into me and started pumping away. He came in less than five minutes, and I told him to cum on my pussy. He did.

“I couldn’t imagine being married to Jake and having sex with him all the time. He is a selfish lover. I think they are a perfect match for each other. I don’t think I’d ever need to have sex with him again.”

So, she was warmed up. I told her that I wasn’t going to eat her after she just got fucked, so I suggested that she use her vibrator, and she did. After she came, she gave me a nice blowjob.  I hope she’s still up for sex this afternoon.

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