My Favourite Life

September 12, 2010

Labour Day

The last couple of weeks have been so hectic, but I have a few minutes to sit and write. Last weekend was Labour Day, and we followed up this weekend. As it turns out, none of us but Jake knows really how to play poker, so we improvise and play strip twister. Twister is somewhat of a dexterity game, and we weren’t interested in that part—at least not at first; we were interested in the spinner. The spinner can land on any of four colours, so we were each assigned a colour: me blue, my wife red, Jake green, and Kate yellow or some such—I don’t remember exactly who had which.

We each stood on our own side of a small table with the spinner on it. Before each spin, everyone would declare a piece of clothing. If the spinner landed on your colour, that clothing would have to be removed, and you got to make the next spin.  We set a rule that if you were not actively spinning, you had to stand with your arms by your side.

Everyone chose some non-essential piece of clothing, except for my wife, who, although she was wearing sandals, opted for her sundress, which she lost on the first spin. She tossed it off nonchalantly and stood there fully naked. Having lost, she spun the next round. It was interesting enough, but Kate and I seemed to get most of the attention. By the time I was undressed, Jake have only lost a couple of shoes and a sock or some such. I have to admit that my interest was piqued when Kate, down to her bra and panties lost her bra. Her breasts were a small B-cup, but they were nice, and she had very small nipples—small even for her smaller breasts. Over the next two spins we each lost our underwear bottoms. She looked cuter than I had given her credit now that she was undressed. Jake was still almost fully dressed.

First, my wife suggests we actually play Twister, and when no one seems interested, she blurts out, “I guess since Jake won we should give him a massage,” to which Jake qualified that this should be done by “the ladies.” I sat on the sofa and watched.

My wife and Kate started giving Jake a typical back rub with massage oil on the Twister mat, both commenting on his body, his shoulders, and the such.  I can’t say I’d necessarily concur, but whatever. I noticed my wife purposely brushing his back with her breasts as she straddled his thigh. Then she asked him to roll onto his back. Innocuously, they started on his chest, but anybody could have seen were this was going. Not to be too obvious, I suppose, they ended up at his feet, each working their way up a calf and thigh. You know where they met up again. My wife grabbed his cock, which surprisingly was not erect, and suggested they massage it; and so she did. She applied plenty of oil and started jerking him off. Kate joined in timidly, it seemed. Jake quickly got hard, and he obviously was enjoying being the winner. My wife was bantering through the whole experience, commenting still on his body, telling Kate how lucky she was that he had a nice cock. As my wife felt he was getting ready to cum, she said, “Let’s not make a mess,” and she finished him off with a blow job—if you call 2 seconds a blowjob. She told me later that she would have done it sooner, but was afraid Kate might get upset.

With Jake satisfied—and attempting to divert attention away from her mini-blowjob—, she suggested that Kate get a massage, too. At least I could participate in this more actively. All three of us lathered oil onto Kate’s back. She had a fairly slight frame and her warm skin felt nice under my hands. As I am wont to do, I navigated down to her small ass. Overall, she was smaller than my wife: smaller body, breasts, and ass; but this wasn’t at all bad. I kneaded her ass and spread her cheeks to get a glimpse of her asshole and what I could see of her pussy. Then we coaxed her to roll over. My wife started with Kate’s forehead, but Jake and I each took a breast and worked down her stomach. Again, we switched to her feet and work our way up. I took care to splay her to get a good look at her pussy. Although she did trim her pussy somewhat along her bikini line, she was clearly not otherwise shaven, as her bush hid her quite a bit.

By the time we made our way up to her pussy, my wife was busy playing with her breasts using her hands and mouth. I managed to slide my oiled fingers along her pussy slit when my wife asked to take over. I know that Kate was aware of what was happening, though she pretended that she wasn’t. My wife caressed Kate’s pussy for a moment before diving in with her tongue. No resistance from Kate. She was noticeably enjoying the moment. Jake and I decided to focus on her breasts, but my wife shooed us away saying that she wanted Kate to be able to concentrate, so we gave her some space and became spectators.

Clearly, the two wives were enjoying themselves, and when Kate came, my wife climbed up to deliver her a deep kiss. My wife told us that she forgot how much she enjoyed eating pussy; it had been years and years. Then she told everyone that it was her turn. I think it was actually my turn, but who’s keeping score?

Rather than join in, I decided to stay back and watch Jake and Kate at work. It was soon apparent that Kate was not going to be very aggressive, and Jake was nervous with Kate in the room. They took the same route as we had taken. They started with her back, and spent almost no time on her ass. When she rolled over, I was sort of surprised that Kate did fondle my wife’s breasts. They are a couple of cup sizes larger, so I think she liked the difference. After her legs, Jake did touch her shaven pussy, but Kate wasn’t interested. I decided that I’d join in.

I positioned myself between her thighs and just ate her as usual. My wife asked Jake and Kate to play with her breasts, so they did. She told me later that she was hoping for a kiss but didn’t want to ask. I was too busy kissing something else, and then she came. I was the only one left, so I claimed my turn.

I sort of got the short shrift, as Jake watched and Kate was rather nervous to participate much either. Nonetheless, I waited for the moment to feel Kate’s hand on my cock, and it arrived. She and my wife finally got to that point, and Kate was actually participating. It didn’t take long until I felt lips on my cock, but they belonged to my wife. I reached up to grab Kate’s breast, and she let me. I tried to grope her pussy, but she angled herself away from me. Not to long after, I came. Counting Kate, all three of us ended up cumming in my wife’s mouth, and she said excitedly that we need to get together and do this more often. To my surprise, they both agreed, and we got together again this past Friday. I had hoped to write about that here, but I am out of time, so I’ll rush a short version.

So the Friday after Labour Day, we ended up with Jake and Kate again. This time we skipped the Twister. We talked for a bit and decided simply to swap partners. It was their idea, but they wanted us to be in separate rooms. At first I thought that was a bit odd, but when we were alone Kate said they thought they would be less nervous not feeling scrutinised by the other. Kate wanted to be in the comfort of her own bedroom, so Jake and my wife took the living room.

With the door closed, Kate and I talked a bit more when I stopped the conversation with a kiss. She isn’t a bad kisser despite not having the fullest lips. I had the feeling that this was going to be a better experience than the week before—not that that was bad by any means. We undressed ourselves and pulled down the blankets. I felt like a teenager, feeling her up whilst we kissed. I wanted to go downtown on her, so I broke off the kiss and, after stopping for a breast, made myself at home between her legs. I told her how sexy it was watching my wife eat her, and she admitted to having liked it, too. I told her that although I preferred shaven pussies, it was nice to have a change of pace. I slipped down to tongue her asshole every now and again to see how she reacted, but she didn’t seem to mind. When I decided to focus on business, she came readily.

I fucked her for a few strokes, but then I told her I wanted her to suck my cock. I knew this was not her bag, but I wanted to get past her aversion. She did as I wanted, and I coached her through it. I suggested that she watch my wife do it on me or Jake, if she needed some tips. I did let her know that she was doing just fine without lessons, too. She liked to use her hand, but I asked her not to. I told her when I was about to cum, and let her know that I expected her to swallow. Reluctantly, she did when the time came and with much of a noticeable grimace. She was more surprised when I kissed her on the mouth afterwards, and we sort of cuddled and kissed some more. I’ll have to write about Jake and my wife when I get some more time again…whenever that might be.

One last thing: my usual Saturday commitment was not scheduled on Labour Day weekend, but I left the house anyway and went to a book store. I haven’t written much about Kathy lately, I know, but she and I still meet on Wednesday, so I end up with quite a regular schedule for sex: Friday, Saturday or Sunday, and Wednesday. I can’t complain.


  1. that was extremely sexy babe. It got me quite…let’s just say that if I had a penis this story would had got it hard

    Comment by thebigpow — September 18, 2010 @ 9:00 am | Reply

  2. What made Kate loosen up? She seems so uptight from the last post and now Shea into swapping.

    Comment by Setmea1 — September 21, 2010 @ 5:30 pm | Reply

  3. Kate is uptight, and believe it or not, so is my wife in a lot of ways. I am not sure if it is a public-private thing, or some sort of Madonna-whore thing, but I think a lot of women (and men) are raised to act one one in public and another way behind closed doors. I’m not a psychiatrist, but I have seen this many times in the past. I think many people are repressed—especially in the United States, but this repression is just a thin veneer that doesn’t take a lot to wear through. On the other hand, alcohol does wonders to erase inhibitions.

    Comment by myfavouritelife — September 22, 2010 @ 6:57 am | Reply

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