My Favourite Life

September 19, 2010

Reluctant Lesbian

My wife’s goal on Friday is to get Kate to eat her, but it didn’t work out that way. Kate wasn’t up to it. After we settled in, my wife told Kate she wanted to “make love to her,” whilst the men folk watched. We all agreed that would be a nice start. Their bedroom is not quite set up for an audience, but Jake and I each managed to find a vantage.

It was obvious from the start that my wife would be controlling all the action. She took care of undressing Kate and herself before she positioned Kate on her back. She caressed Kate thoroughly and massaged her scalp and face before delivering the first deep kiss, which Kate seemed to return enthusiastically. My wife reached a hand down to Kate’s pussy and started manipulating her clit, and her head followed in the same direction, aiming for her nipples.

I was in a rush last time I posted, so I didn’t get to describe Kate as well as I had wanted. I did mention she had a slight frame—very petite—with small breasts and tiny nipples, but her aereolae are about the size of a dime. My wife’s are closer to silver dollars, if not larger; and her nipples are the size of a pinhead, whilst my wife’s are larger than a pencil eraser: Quite the contrast—not to mention the disparity in cup size. They were about the same colour, though.

Kate’s bush was fairly thick, and although she did trim her bikini line, she didn’t trim much else. Her bush continued up her ass crack. Speaking of disparity, Kate has very prominent labia unlike my wife who has very “regular” labia. My wife just has a slit. Kate has no slit. She is all meat—easy to get lost in, blissfully.

As my wife went down on her, she kept pausing to say how wonderful Kate’s pussy was and that she could spend all day eating her. After Kate came, she kept eating until she came again. After she had cum the first time, my wife inserted her finger into Kate’s pussy, again complimenting her profusely, trying to make her comfortable. Then she climbed up on Kate and kissed her some more. They seemed to both be into it, and my wife guided Kate’s hand to her own pussy.

Her pussy was smooth and quite wet from excitement. She continued talking, “I’m so wet. Put your finger in,” and she did—and then two. “I want you to eat me,” she continued, as she tried to guide Kate’s head to her crotch. Sadly, Kate wasn’t interested, though she did manage to kiss her smooth pubic area.

Trying to stay in the moment, my wife suggested that they watch me eat her; and so I did, trying to be as vociferous as she had been. She was also being vocal as I ate her. It was like a bad porn vid. She asked for them to play with her breasts and kiss her, which they did. From where I was I was able to grab Kate’s ass as I continued to eat.

After she came, she asked Jake to assume the position she was in, and she rubbed his cock between her breasts, which she had by then oiled a bit. It wasn’t long before she had his cock in her hand and then in her mouth. Not much longer, she mounted his cock with her pussy and rode him slowly, grinding. Although we have done it before, even I was surprised when she said she wanted to feel two cocks, inviting me into her ass. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity. Not having brought any Slippery Stuff, we had to use oil—not my favourite but OK in a pinch like this. I asked Kate to spread my wife’s cheeks apart as I lubed her asshole. I noticed Kate watching my fingers very intensely as I massaged my wife’s bum hole and slid them in, first one, then two, and then three. She didn’t take her eyes off when I replaced my fingers with my cock. All the while, my wife had slowed her rhythm to a near stop, and she stopped completely when I was pressing the head of my cock at her entrance. Once I was inside, she remained still until I was able to slide in all the way, and then she began to pick up the pace again. I made my own pace. Unfortunately, Jake couldn’t hold back much longer, and he came. I just kept on with what I was doing. After a while, my wife said she wanted a new position, so she let Jake fall out of her, and she rolled over onto her back. I reinserted myself into her bum, but I held myself up on my knees to give a better view. She played with her clit until she made herself cum, and not long after, I came. By then, everybody had cum.

She told everyone that she loved to fuck two cocks at once but that I was too big to be in her ass as much as I might want. She made a point to inform that Jake’s cock was much more appropriate for back door pleasure. He said he wasn’t sure if he was particularly interested, but he might be willing to try.

Yesterday when I was away for my usual commitment, Jake got the opportunity, as my wife told me afterwards. She told me that if I was his size, she could probably do it at least once a week. Anyway, she said it was nice and that he did a good job but that he said he could do without it. When she asked if I wanted to try for two days in a row, I took her up on her offer. Not that she knew it, but my last sex with Kathy was anal, too, so I was beginning to get anal-ed out. When it rains, it pours.

She said that according to Jake, his sex life with his wife was basically whatever we did on Friday night. That more than satisfies her, so they don’t do anything on the weekend. At least he’s gone from once a month to once a week, even if it’s not always with his wife, so he’s somewhat ahead of the game.

They discussed that she was disappointed that Kate wouldn’t go down on her, but that she understood. They both concluded that it would be unlikely that she would change her mind any time soon. They also agreed that anal was probably not in her cards either. We’ll keep trying, and see where we get.

I told my wife that I thought we could get Kate to shave on Friday—even though she said she didn’t prefer to. At least she had done it before, so it wouldn’t be a completely alien experience. My wife thought that would be nice. She said, she’s never eaten a shaven pussy and thinks it might be a change for the better. We’ll see. We are sure that Jake would help to convince her.

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  1. Everyone is smooth shaved now days prety much. Sometimes it is nice to run into some hair.

    Comment by Inferno — September 24, 2010 @ 1:58 am | Reply

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