My Favourite Life

September 26, 2010

Coaching Kate

Our plan to get Kate to shave her pussy on Friday worked. We brought with us all of the necessary accessories—shaver and razors. My wife reminded her how much better it was to have her shaven pussy eaten, but she would have agreed anyway. My wife did the prep work with the electric razor (Wahl) while we watched, and Kate took over with the blades more in private in her bathtub with my wife, who helped a bit.

Jake and I wanted to watch the process, but their bathroom isn’t large enough for a crowd. No big deal. She showed herself off proudly when she was done, and we all commented on how pretty she looked with a clean pussy. Without the pubic hair, you could really see how prominent her labia were, so I made a point of complimenting that, too. Personally, I think she was self-conscious about that aspect of her anatomy.

I can definitely say that when my wife ate her, she was noticeably more pleased. I wanted so much to eat her, too. I did get a nice taste of her after she came, though. Good times.

My wife asked Kate to watch whilst she gave Jake head. I watched, too. He was pretty excited after the previous performance, and my wife wanted to show off her deepthroat skills. Jake was blown away—quite literally—, and Kate was surely amazed. He came pretty quickly. When Kate commented that she thought that only porn stars were capable of that and hadn’t ever seen it done even on the few porn flicks she had ever caught. My wife volunteered that we could teach her to do it, that it was easier than one might think and had the added benefit of by-passing the taste buds if that happened to be a problem. Better for me, I was going to be the teacher.

My wife instructed Kate to lie on her back hanging her neck over the edge of the bed. It’s the best way we know to break someone in. I put some oil on my cock to help with the lubrication. All Kate needed to do is relax, and she did. I stood at the edge of the bed and put my cock in her mouth, and I slowly worked it into her throat. She did fine.

Once she got used to it, I thrust my hips back and forth guiding my cock in and out of her throat. After I paused to ask how she was doing and she said all was well, I told her to try it “the regular way.” She was up for it, so I laid back and let her deliver her blowjob in a more typical position. My wife coached her to go down all the way, and she did. She had a couple of misfires, but she quickly recovered and got the hang of things and managed to find her rhythm. I told her that I would let her know when I was going to cum and that I wanted her to stay all the way down until I was done. And then I came. I don’t have to mention that it felt wonderful. She took it like a pro. I think she was actually proud of herself for her performance. High fives all around.

My wife was the only one left, so I ate her whilst Jake and Kate caressed and fondled her. All in all, it was quite a memorable night. On the drive home my wife admitted that she never quite understood why deepthroat was such a big deal for me and some guys, but having watched it she gained a different perspective and a new appreciation. This can only be a good sign.

Jake came over yesterday as he usually does whilst I’m away. He still has no idea that I know about his routine. My wife told him that she couldn’t stop thinking about him fucking her ass, so that’s what they did. She invited me to do the same, but I told her I was in the mood for head again. I ate her until she came, and without asking, she delivered some fabulous deepthroat. Twice in a weekend: sometimes I just feel the chips are falling just right.

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