My Favourite Life

October 3, 2010

Upset Kate

Bad news…sort of. Last weekend Kate learnt how to deepthroat, and she wanted to surprise Jake on Saturday. She was so upset with him. Jake, my wife, and I knew what the problem was, but she was full of self-doubt. Jake returned home after screwing my wife in the ass last week, and to his misfortune, Kate was feeling somehow particularly randy and wanted to show off her new-found skills.

Here’s the problem. First, Jake had just cum in my wife’s ass about half an hour or so before. Second, He didn’t expect that he’d have to clean up, as they had only been having sex on Friday evenings. Evidently after arguing that he needed a shower, he managed to take one; that solved the second problem. The first problem, though, was a bigger one, as Kate was want to tell all of us and evidently had been voicing to Jake all week.

After his shower, Kate tried to give him some more deepthroat. The problem was that he couldn’t manage to get it up. She just kept sucking and sucking but to no avail. He had a limp noodle that was not cooperating. He looked to my wife when he said he didn’t know what had happened. Of course, he did.

So, the evening didn’t start off on a high note, but I told her that I wouldn’t have that problem, and so she took that cue and said she’d prefer privacy this time.

She spent the first ten minutes continuing to complain, and I assured her that it had nothing to do with her. I figured a massage to help her unwind might be beneficial, so we started there. Next, I wanted to eat her. Unfortunately, her pussy hair had come back in pretty heavily. It was pokey on my face. I told her that I really preferred her shaven, that her pussy was too pretty to hide. She said she might be up for it another time, but not tonight. Still I enjoyed it just as it was until she came.

Before it was my turn, we just kissed and she talked some more. When she was ready, she got into position and went down deep. I felt that she was trying to prove something; it must have been to herself because Jake was in the other room, presumably getting some of the same. Thinking about it, she still had not done this with Jake, and yet I had gotten it twice from her. In any case, you know what happened: I came; she swallowed. We talked some more. I told her that she should try again over the weekend, but she said she wasn’t sure that she’d be in the mood again. Jake’s lesson might be, “Snooze you lose.”

On the drive home, I discovered that my hunch was correct; Jake was getting the same thing. The problem is that my wife wasn’t—or at least she hadn’t cum yet. We took care of that when we got home.

My wife was afraid that if she saw Jake again on Saturday that there would be a repeat of last weekend, but I told her that I didn’t expect that to be an issue because Kate was already out of the mood. We talked and decided that she needed to work with Kate to make amends.

When Jake came over yesterday, my wife convinced him not to have sex and to save himself for his wife; he should do something and make some moves on her to reassure her. I guess we’ll see how that works out.

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