My Favourite Life

October 17, 2010

Sharing is Caring

Jake and Kate have been having conflicts ever since we started getting together. I guess it actually started well before that. At least nowadays he is getting sex at least once a week, but it is rarely with his wife. Last week he didn’t get any sex from her again. He hadn’t even managed a peek at her shaven pussy, which by now was no longer shaven again. Her pubic hair grows back a lot faster than my wife’s, though not nearly as fast as my first wife who had to shave twice a day to keep on top of things.

In any case, she was in a much better mood, though not exactly chipper. One thing I noticed is that Jake was more interested in my wife that with Kate. I think this is more because he felt Kate was not going to give him as much. I was more interested in Kate only because I had access to my wife at home.

Kate suggested that the men give the women a massage to warm them up, so we did. They lay side by side on the bed, and we massaged each others wife. I spent a lot of time kneading Kate’s small ass; Jake seemed more focused on my wife’s shoulders. We rolled the wives over and after some more massage (read: fondling), we went down on them together. As I mentioned, Kate had some regrowth, but it wasn’t problematic.

Kate came in about ten minutes, but my wife couldn’t cum. I offered to finish, but she said she didn’t think she could and just wanted to fuck. We opted for doggie style. Again, side by side, we screwed them from behind. What a view!

When my wife noticed me reaching for some oil, she knew what I was up to and asked Jake to play with her bum, too. We both probed at the bum holes of the wife we were screwing. I came first, and Jake was going on and on. My wife offered him her bum hole, but he declined and screwed her pussy for another ten to fifteen minutes until he came.

We spent the rest of the night talking about sex and relationships (and some other less interesting things). We got onto the topic of last week and lesbian sex, and Kate admitted that they hadn’t had sex together. She commented to Jake that he didn’t even notice that she had shaven, but he countered that he hadn’t even caught a glimpse until today and it appeared pretty much as it did last week, that he hadn’t really noticed anything. He said that he’d love to see her shave again. She also said she didn’t see herself going down on another woman, and we moved on to a different subject.

Yesterday when Jake came to visit, he wasn’t going home without sex. My wife got him hard with her hand and mouth and then rode him until he came. Hopefully, Kate didn’t have any plans.

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