My Favourite Life

November 14, 2010

Putting Off Sex

We started the evening talking about last weekend. Jake was still talking about his morning BJ, as was Kate still reminiscing about her awakening. I was still pining at how little that happens at our house. Unfortunately, Jake does not have any commitments that take him away overnight or for any extended periods, so it is unlikely that I would get a similar opportunity.

We focused all of our attention on Kate. We decided to start with a full body massage. It wasn’t much different to the first time we got together, expect now we were a lot more comfortable with each other and sort of knew what to expect. Each time we get together, I am still fascinated with Kate’s tight little body—her cute little ass and tiny tits. I thought that her breasts were a B-cup, but I had learnt that they were only an A. Nonetheless, they were perfect for her. Once we rolled her over, I was fixated on her tiny nipples. Even though I got to see them every week, for some reason, Friday was different.

While Jake and I were busy rubbing her body down, my wife went down on her unshaven pussy—partial re-growth anyway. No big deal. After she came, Jake didn’t hesitate to screw her missionary style. My wife decided that she just wanted to kiss Kate some more. Jake seemed to be taking a while, but he finally came.

My wife sucked my cock for a few seconds before it was my turn to screw Kate. I asked her to roll over doggie-style, but she wanted to stay where she was, so I just screwed her where she lay. I have to say that after a fairly long screw and his ejaculation, her pussy was pretty loose, sloppy, and slippery. She said she had never been screwed by two guys in the same day before, and I can’t remember the last time I had done it. Because she was so loose, I was taking forever to cum, myself. I was tempted to switch over to my wife, but I stayed the course. To my surprise, if not to everyone’s, Kate came as we fucked. I didn’t think there was enough friction happening for anything to happen. That made me a little more excited, but it must have been another five to ten minutes before I was able to get off.

My wife said she wanted to get Kate off again, but Kate said that twice was enough for the night. Luckily, my wife was extra horny when we got home, so I got to eat her.

Yesterday, Jake showed up as usual, and they just fucked. My wife wanted to put off sex until today, so I still have that to look forward to until Wednesday.

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