My Favourite Life

November 28, 2010


A long Thanksgiving weekend, and we did get together, but it was not very eventful. Somehow, Jake wanted to watch the girls get themselves off. I am not sure if it was a miscommunication, but they took it as watching them masturbate. Both of the wives were freshly shaven—Kate is catching on—, and it was a nice enough show. But when it was time to get down to business, the wives said they wanted to watch us get ourselves off, so that’s what happened. I tried to get them to give us handjobs, but that wasn’t in the cards.

Jake and I sat on the bed and jerked off. I came first and then Jake a couple minutes later. Nothing to write home about. Yesterday, my wife convinced Jake to take a handjob from her because it would be sexy. Whatever… I got a blowjob.

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