My Favourite Life

December 5, 2010


What a difference a week makes. If you couldn’t tell, I think handjobs are lame, and jerking off in front of a couple of women is not my cup of tea either. My birthday is coming up this week, so I talked Kate and my wife into putting on another girl show as a present. Of course, my wife was all over the idea, and Kate wasn’t as reluctant as I might have expected. I figured I’d try my luck and push for 69. Score! They were up for it.

Luckily, Kate had shaven again. I think this is three or four weeks in a row, so she’s getting into the groove. They started with a brief oil massage. Kate wanted the bottom, so my wife took the top. They lay sort of diagonally on the bed. I was at the end of Kate’s pussy and my wife’s head. Jake was more getting a side view.

It was hot watching the folds of Kate’s pussy being separated by my wife’s tongue, like watching a blade of grass in the wind. The sounds and the heaving was quite the turn on. As I would have expected, Kate came first, but they remained locked in position, and my wife kept eating after she lapped up some of Kate’s extra juices. I repositioned to the other end, though the wall was in the way to get the perspective I really wanted. Kate was really going to town, and eventually I noticed her picking up the pace and she made my wife cum. Within a minute, Kate came a second time. Man, I was horny.

My wife unstraddled Kate’s face, and I screwed her doggie-style. Jake moved his wife up a bit and screwed her missionary style.

Afterwards, we spent quite a long time talking about how hot it was to watch, and the wives said they both really enjoyed themselves.

The next day when Jake showed up, I was still home. We forget to tell him that I had no commitment this weekend because of the holiday. We were both lounging around. When the doorbell rang, I was just thinking, “Who the hell is ringing the doorbell on a Saturday morning.” My wife was trying to remind me about the day—she had forgotten, too—, but I had already answered. Jake’s face when pale, and he was stammering; he was caught.

Me: “What’s going on?”

Jake: Crickets… “I was wondering if you guys wanted to go out for some breakfast.”

Me: “Where’s Kate?”

Jake: “Home. She’s got some things to take care of…”

Me: “Sure. Where? Hey, last night was awesome. Don’t you think?”

Jake: “Yeah, well…” and so on.

My wife tried to play it down, too, though she was going out of her way to make Jake horny by talking about how great Kate’s pussy tasted and how Kate had made her cum; and Kate had cum twice. She said that it was too bad that we only got together once a week and he agreed.

Then my wife drops her robe and says, “Since you’re here and speaking breakfast, I’ve got something for you to eat, and I am in the mood for some sausage.”

I had to remind her that our son was still downstairs playing computer games, but it was too late. Jake followed us into our bedroom, and my wife spread herself out on the bed. I went down on her, and she took Jake’s cock into her mouth. Evidently, sucking cock make my wife extra wet. He came relatively quickly, and she came soon thereafter. I asked her if she was still in the mood for some sausage, and she said she was, so she sucked me off, too.

The whole affair must have lasted less than fifteen minutes. When Jake was leaving, my wife said that they should make this a regular affair. He said that sounded like a good idea, and I chimed in that I wasn’t usually home on Saturdays, so that wouldn’t work for me. They said that was too bad, and Jake left…without having any breakfast, of course.

My wife and I talked about how funny the situation was. I told her that I should have gone knocking on Kate’s door when he was here.


  1. Thats awesome. Nice touch at the end!

    Comment by lana — December 5, 2010 @ 7:36 pm | Reply

  2. Birthday coming up, hmmmm? Well maybe you can get some more deepthroat with cum in throat swallow?

    Comment by aklu — December 9, 2010 @ 4:08 pm | Reply

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