My Favourite Life

December 11, 2010

Birthday Boy

I was reluctant to hook up with Kathy for my birthday because I usually get a sexual gift, though Kathy didn’t want to have the week off. I tried to get her to reschedule for Thursday, but she didn’t want to do that either. What we decided on was that I would eat her on Wednesday, and we could get together again on Thursday.

Sure enough, on Wednesday night my wife asked as she usually does what I wanted for my birthday, so I told her that I was in the mood for anal if she was up to it; otherwise, deepthroat. She was up for anal after I ate her.

The best part of this was that for most of the time she was very vocal saying, “This is the best sex ever. I can see why so many guys are gay. Nothing is better than anal sex for a woman with a vibrator.” She came twice before I did.

On Thursday, Kathy offered my anal for my birthday, too, so I didn’t refuse, though I did tell her that was what my wife gave me, too. She was on her back as I screwed her ass. I ate her again, too.

Yesterday, I was still milking the birthday thing for all I could. When Jake and Kate asked my wife what she gave me, she said her ass. Jake said he could understand that, so my wife told him it would be her pleasure. Kate said that she would like to do the same for me. I was taken aback. Kate was offering anal? How was that?

Skipping past the conversation and disbelief, she said that she had thought about it, and she thought she should get past the fear—just as with eating pussy. When my wife suggested that she start with Jake, she countered that it wasn’t Jake’s birthday and that she’d prefer someone with more experience. Little did she how she’d be three days in a row, which under other circumstances might be too much for me, too. But how could I refuse.

Rather that do it side by side, Kate wanted to watch Jake and my wife first, so we did. First, I ate my wife until she came. Jake lubed himself up and without much additional preparation, he aimed his cock at my wife’s ass and worked himself in as she was kneeling over. He fell out a couple of time along the way, but he managed to get himself off.

Before Kate and I got started, my wife ate her pussy—though I had really wanted to do the same. Whilst she ate Kate, she lubed up her own fingers, and loosened Kate’s bum hole—well, only one finger, but it was a start.

I wanted to eat Kate’s pussy, so I did—even though she had just cum. Besides eating her, I wanted to prepare her ass, so I managed to insert two then three fingers. I could tell the three were too many at first, but she settled in. I convinced her that being on her back would be a better position, though it probably wouldn’t have mattered. After a few courtesy strokes in her pussy, it was time to focus on her ass.

In her position, the head of my cock slid inside her ass with relative ease, though I stopped once I felt it inside her. When she said she was fine, I pushed in deeper, thrusting lightly back and forth until I was all the way in. (Not to be gross, but I could feel that she hadn’t prepared for this. We told her afterwards that an enema in advance does wonders to clear the pathway.) Once I was finally all the way in, I repositioned myself to get a better view of my cock in her ass and, of course, her beautiful pussy. My wife lubed up some fingers and started diddling Kate’s clit once the opportunity arose. I was fucking her ass as slowly as possible until my wife got her to come. After she came, I laid myself down on her in a more traditional pussy fucking style, and just pumped for as long as I could. When I couldn’t hold back any longer, I released. It was amazing. Kate also mentioned how great her orgasm was. We told her that was normal for anal.

We retreated to the bathroom to clean up, but we had to take turns, as there wasn’t enough space for four—barely enough for two. Kate said she could definitely see herself doing that again, especially if she could cum like that again.

This afternoon, Jake said he wanted a second helping of anal, so my wife obliged, though she told him he should get some from his wife whilst she was still thinking about it in a good light. She told him that it is easy to forget that it can feel nice.

When I got home, I told my wife that I was analed out, and she poked fun at me. She said she didn’t think I could ever have enough of that, but I told her that variety was more important. She asked if Kate was offering up her ass would I take it, and I said I would, but that was different. I don’t as often have access to Kate’s ass. I told her that if she insisted, I wouldn’t refuse, but that I’d prefer some deepthroat instead. And that’s what I got after I ate her.

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