My Favourite Life

January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year. We had a great time last night/this morning after a week off. Obviously Jake didn’t stop by this morning, but last night was nice. My wife said that she didn’t want to start the new year off with anal, but I told her that’s how I wanted to end the old year.

My wife and Kate took turns eating each other to get the night started. Both were freshly shaven for the occasion. I hadn’t told my wife, but I asked Kate to see if she could fit her whole hand inside my wife; she could—she’s got tiny hands like the rest of her.

My wife made Kate cum first. As Kate was eating my wife, she quickly went from one to three fingers. There was plenty of lube for the next activity, so I added some extra to Kate’s hand. She took the lube blob and lathered my wife’s pussy, readily getting a fourth finger in—but even I can do that. Kate’s hand was working hard and heavy when she tucked in her thumb and got her fist inside. I could see her twisting her wrist, working that pussy until my wife came.

She came so hard she was out of breath. She asked Kate what she was doing and how many fingers she was using. When she responded that it was her entire fist, my wife exhaled in disbelief. “You must have smaller hands than I realised,” she said. “That had to have been one of the biggest orgasms I have ever had. My husband has tried that before, and there was no way that was going to fit. You can do it any time! It felt amazing.”

My wife suggested that they give us handjobs, but I reminded her of what was already decided. She got Jake, and I got Kate, but Kate wanted to watch, so they went first. My wife wanted to be on her back, and Jake was OK with that, but part way through they repositioned to doggie-style until Jake came.

I wanted Kate on top, so my wife started by lubing Kate’s ass with her fingers, and then she sucked my cock to get it harder. I know my wife hates this position, which is why I wanted Kate to be my partner. My wife helped to position Kate’s hips and guide her onto my cock. Slowly, Kate impaled herself onto my cock and started rocking back and forth. This time I fell out a few times, but my wife was there to put in back in. When I came, there was more of a mess than we expected, and we agreed that there would be no anal in future without preparation. We cleaned up, but the night wasn’t over.

After midnight, my wife said she wanted some New Year’s sex. I was spent, and I thought Jake was, too, but the next thing I knew my wife was sucking his cock, and he was ready to go again. I was thinking that I couldn’t possibly get it up so soon, and even if I did it would take forever to cum. As for Jake, my wife must have sucked his cock for almost half an hour—at least it seemed like it—until she asked him to fuck her.

Once they were fucking, Kate asked if I’d like some more, and she went down on me. To my surprise, I was able to manage an erection, if not necessarily the best one. Kate asked if I wanted to fuck, but I told her that a blowjob was just right, and I asked her to try to do deepthroat again. She tried, but she started gagging because she was out of practise. I told her we’d have to take care of that another time. I heard Jake cum, but I was still going—besides I had started later. Kate complained that her jaw was staring to get tired and hurt, so my wife took over and suggested that I fuck Kate.

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