My Favourite Life

January 9, 2011

Alone with Kate

It was obvious that we weren’t going to top last weekend. We weren’t even going to try. My wife suggested that we take separate rooms again, so Kate and I stayed downstairs. It’s different and nice in its own way to remain separate.

Kate and I relaxed and rubbed each other down and made small talk about what we liked about each other, as we talked about the first few weeks we were together—before we were together. I could tell that she’d be willing to spend additional time together without Jake, but I wasn’t really up to it. It would be just too much to manage. If Kathy and I hadn’t reserved the middle of the week, it would be perfect. Kate was ten times better looking than Kathy, but Kathy was generally more receptive and willing to please. Kate did come through many times, but it wasn’t always without a battle. Besides, there were other dynamics around Kate and Jake that were not an issue with Kathy.

In any case, we enjoyed each other’s nude bodies with our hands. Although it was ground we had covered, I told her how much I loved her small chest and how her pussy was fashioned, especially how beautiful it looked shaven as it was.  She told me how much she wished she had my wife’s breasts and pussy, and she loved my cock.

When I went down on her, she commented on how much she loved to be eaten and that she didn’t know how she could not have insisted on that from Jake sooner. When she told me that she thought I ate pussy better than my wife, I said that I doubted it, and she said it was pretty close. She had a nice cum.

She asked what I wanted, and I said her ass. She was willing, but I told her that I was just joking, and we had agreed to do an enema next time anyway. She said that she could skip it, but I told her that I wanted to get her back into the swing of deepthroat.

It only took a moment for her to regain the technique. She hung her head over the edge of the sofa and “remembered” how to do it, and then I sat on the sofa and she went all the way down on me. It’s amazing how quickly people can pick this technique up. We repositioned into 69 at my request, and along the way I came. I continued eating her until she came.

On the drive home, my wife recounted her encounter. They talked, too, especially about Saturday. He said that he and Kate still only had sex when we were there, and that as often as not meant he was having sex with my wife. She suggested that he could use the time to be with his wife and they could hook up on Saturdays. He liked the idea, but I felt I would be getting the short shrift, though I agreed that next week I’d be willing to give it a go. There are plenty of weeks where he and Kate were partners, though I hadn’t actually been keeping track. Besides, it’s not as if Kate and I hook up on Saturdays. I don’t really have the time for that, or really any other times.

Jake’s favourite conjugal activity is just to fuck—plain old fucking. He’ll take the rest, but he’d be satisfied with just that. I think Kate is pretty much the same way, though I get what I can. I told my wife that Kate really likes her sexually, too, and that they should spend more time together as a pair, though Jake and I don’t have the same affinity.

When we got home, my wife wanted me to eat her. I told her to take a shower, and she said not to be such a baby. I did eat her, but I stayed up at her clit—no wondering south. She came. She said she is still working with Jake regarding eating pussy, but he is not really that interested.

The next day, Jake stopped by and they fucked. She made him eat her pussy first, but she ended up using a vibrator to get the job done. I got a blowjob.


  1. I am curious, are you and your wife in your 30’s or 40’s?

    Comment by lana — January 9, 2011 @ 3:03 pm | Reply

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