My Favourite Life

January 16, 2011


Just my luck, Kate was on her period, and it wasn’t much of a night on Friday. She’s the type that thinks her period puts her out of commission. I wonder what he percentage of women feel this way. My wife reminded Jake that he was going to focus on his wife, but he wasn’t looking forward to it. I asked Kate what she wanted to do, and she was indifferent. I didn’t think it would make sense for my wife and me to go over to their house and split up, but Kate was uncomfortable with her period, so I suggested we pair off like last week.

It worked out fine. I told Kate that I was not uncomfortable going down on her even when she was on her period—that is if she didn’t mind me doing it. She said she was up to me eating her, if I was up to it. Of course I was. I suggested that we just trade oral, and she was fine with that, too.

No big deal. I went down on her, and she came. She just kept in her tampon. I told her that I’d have no issues with screwing her, but she was fine giving me head. She didn’t do deepthroat, though I guess she went deep a couple of times. When I came, she sort of swished my cum in her mouth before swallowing, and then she was surprised when I kissed her. I told her that I was not afraid of my own cum, though it wasn’t necessarily something looked forward to. She asked if I would swap cum from her mouth to mine. I told her that was called snowballing, and that I had done it before even with my wife. She said she’d like to see it next time or sometime. I told her that I wanted to see my wife sit on her face after I had just cum in her; I told her that better still, I’d like to see her do it after both Jake and I had cum inside. She asked if that was a dare, so I told her yes. Anyway, it wouldn’t be tonight.

On the way home, my wife told me that she got a full body massage, and Jake ate her until she came. He got a blowjob, too. Yesterday, the just fucked again, and I got another BJ.

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