My Favourite Life

January 23, 2011

Better Frame of Mind

In order to get Jake into a better frame of mind, my wife suggested that he be the focus of Friday night. That didn’t sound like a great deal for me, but my wife assured me that I’d be taken care of. I just watched.

The wives started with a massage. My wife started to go down on him at one point, but mostly she kissed him and let Kate do the handiwork—literally, as she delivered a handjob. He didn’t seem to mind. My wife put her breasts in his face, and he sucked on her nipples. She also made sure that Jake could play with each of their pussies whilst they jacked him off. When he came, it shot onto his stomach, and my wife rubbed it in. In all, he seemed quite pleased with the outcome.

Next the wives put on a show—lots of kissing and touching. In particular, I noticed how Kate was enjoying my wife’s breasts, too. She held one with both heads, and sucked on the nipple before switching to the other one. My wife simply kissed Kate’s nipples, which I think are permanently erect anyway.

Kate was eager to get started, but my wife got to Kate’s pussy first, though she quickly positioned herself into a quasi-69 lying on her side. Picking up the cue, Kate reciprocated. They each lifted their top leg to provide access. Kate came first, but they almost came together. Rather, my wife started to cum right as Kate was finishing.

Despite the show, I was feeling a bit left out. I was pretty worked up, and my wife suggested that I get a handjob, too. I’d take it, but not without a fuss, so I suggested a blowjob instead. Kate said that she wanted to give it, so I was up for that. My wife straddled my face as Kate sucked my cock. It was almost like a split-69. I didn’t have time make my wife cum, as I came quickly, but after I came my wife moved aside, and Kate spit my cum into my mouth and my wife said she wanted to see me swallow it. I did, but I told Kate that she’d have her turn next week. I wasn’t sure if she mentioned our conversation from last week with my wife, but I explained it to my wife on the way home. I told her that she should do the same thing to Jake on Saturday.

Yesterday, she said she tried the same thing on Jake, but he wouldn’t even kiss her after the blowjob, and she told him that might be the last blowjob he got unless he accepted it next time. My wife snowballed me when I got home. I don’t know what these women are up to.

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