My Favourite Life

January 30, 2011


Continuing from last weekend, I was hell bent on payback. I was still reeling at two mouthfuls of cum, and Kate was the instigator. I asked my wife her to eat Kate first. Whilst my wife was busy, Jake positioned himself to Kate in an obvious attempt to get head. She picked up on the obvious cue.

Kate got off whilst she was still sucking Jake’s cock. I took my wife in a missionary position, and then Jake said he wanted my wife to finish the job, which she did gladly. Since Kate had been sucking his cock for some time, he came quickly. He pulled his cock out and came on my wife’s face. She was surprised to say the least. I had asked Jake to do it, but we didn’t tell the wives. Not long after, I came in her. I lay on top of her until Kate positioned herself on her back, and I told my wife to site on Kate’s face but to hold in the cum until she got there. She caught on immediately and followed through.

She made herself comfortable on top of Kate’s mouth and let loose the load. We were now somewhat even. Kate not only lapped it up, but she continued to eat until my wife came. I filled my wife in further in the details on the drive home.

Yesterday, Jake stopped by for his usual fuck. My wife says she is getting bored of him, and told him that she’d like to limit their rendez-vous to Fridays. She told him that she thought that I was getting suspicious, especially given the mishap earlier. He complained a bit and threatened to call off everything and tell me what they were doing. I don’t know all of the ins and out of the details, but she let him fuck her, and she thinks he’ll acquiesce. I ate my wife, and got some decent head.

When we were done, she brought up her bordom again. She said that she wanted a change, that she wanted to know if I would be upset if she told me that she’d like to try three guys at a time and just be the centre of attention, and thought we could find some willing participants in the local area over the Internet. I told her that while I wasn’t generally opposed to the concept that I didn’t see what I would get out of it, and I was worried about STDs. We hadn’t even been safe with Jake and Kate, and I didn’t want to press our luck. Eventually, I agreed that if she could arrange it, we could do it. She suggested that we get tested for STDs and we insist that anyone we meet does the same.

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