My Favourite Life

February 6, 2011

No Activity

We didn’t get together on Friday because my wife has gotten into a bad mood. I didn’t even manage to hook up with Kathy because of the blizzard that hit in the middle of the week. Despite being asked not to show up anymore on Saturdays, Jake showed up anyway and he got a blowjob for his troubles. My wife told him again that she wanted to take a break from him and Kate.  She told him that she thought that I was starting to get too emotionally attached to Kate, which was a lie, but she didn’t want to tell him that it was more about him and that she didn’t really feel up to  it.

When I got home yesterday, she told me how her morning went, and we talked. I told her that I still wanted to see Kate even if she wasn’t interested. I also offered that I could see her one week, and she could see her the next, but she wasn’t even up to that.  She kept on about how bored she was, but she couldn’t say what she needed to do to not feel bored. She talked more about finding another couple or whatever, but she had no leads. Neither did I. I suggested that we continue with Jake and Kate until she found something better, but she said she didn’t feel like it. I hate it when she gets in moods like this.

I managed to get a tepid blowjob out of her, and she refused to swallow, and she wouldn’t let me eat her. Even though she was in an off mood, I told her that I’d be making arrangements to see Kate if this mood trend continues. At least I have Kathy to look forward to this week…if it doesn’t snow again!

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