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March 24, 2011

Too Busy to Write

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Updates to follow….

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  1. Sex toys can be bewildering to many… Dongs. dildos, Vibs, Probes, Masturbators , etc etc all coming in big, small, gigantic and even lipstick sizes. Here at Purrrfemme we will take the mystic out of all these items. Most people do not know what these terms even mean…yet alone all the subtle differences between the various classes. Even so…data shows that practically 1 in 5 adults admit purchasing them. Few know however that most are specifically designed for different purposes and areas of your body. They don’t simply vibrate ….they twist and turn, expand…even ejaculate and heat up in some instances. Most are targeted for exact erotic zones… for instance a womans clitoris, another for the vaginal area or others for a man’s penis or even the anus of both sexes. Yet even the ancient Greeks used them…. so their uses are not difficult to understand and appreciate. On this section of our blog we will attempt to explain the differences of each and how best they can be used and enjoyed. Whether to bring a woman to her first orgasm or to highten the excitement of any relationship these products are a great deal more than mere playthings.Once you have mastered their uses a whole new erotic world may well open up to you and could move any relationship type onto the next plain of sexual exploration. Stay in touch here on our blog as we are about to start this journey of exploration to new levels of sensuality together shortly…..

    Comment by purrrfemme — March 24, 2011 @ 4:36 pm | Reply

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