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April 26, 2011

Ashley Madison

I have been unbelievably busy these days, and I don’t expect to have much free time any time soon.  This is decidedly not a bad thing, but it doesn’t leave me any time to post here. To tell the truth, not much has changed, so I don’t feel so bad about not posting. I mean how many ways can I say, I did this with whomever. It doesn’t feel interesting. That said, Ive got a couple of thing I can share. I hope it’ll be enough to get through another few weeks or a month or so…

First, my wife hooked up on Ashley Madison. She was on there for less than a month and hooked up with two guys, one of which that got past Starbucks. It was an interesting experience, and she got a good deal of interest from men. She was trying for a three-way, but it never happened. I signed up, too. I got some email exchanges, but that was it. I am not sure that a lot of the females on there are real. I think they pay people or set up fake accounts to keep the place alive for guys. On the other hand, they don’t need to stock the place with interested guys.

For the first guy, she chatted online for a few days and they decided to meet for coffee. Unfortunately, she wasn’t comfortable with him in person. The guy she did hook up with was a self-professed married “professional.” From what she told me, professional seems to mean employed and having to wear a suit to the office.

She liked the guy when they met for coffee, but it didn’t translate to the bedroom. He was well-dressed, and he drove a Lexus, so she figured that was a nice start. When she gave him the signal that she was interested, he suggested that they go back to her place. That was not going to happen. He said he couldn’t go back to his place, but she was opposed to that idea anyway. She said that the least he could do was to pay for a room. Evidently, this professional was not among the highly paid variety, but he did acquiesce. She said she considered calling it quits right then, but she followed through.

She told him of a place she liked and told him to follow her in his car. They met in the parking lot, and she had him check in. It wasn’t a luxury suite by any measure, but evidently he was less than enthusiastic at the rates.

With the administrative tasks out of the way, they checked into room 6. This guy, I’ll call him Larry, was pretty eager. Whilst she was organizing herself and trying to get comfortable with a glass of wine, he was busy pawing at her through her clothing. She had to keep telling him to slow down and to let her relax.

After they had had a couple of drinks, she was ready. She said she was never actually ready, but finally just wanted to get on with it and get it over with. The room had a fireplace and Jacuzzi, so they undressed and unwound in the water, finishing off the bottle next to the fire. Larry was all over her within seconds. She said he kept trying to kiss her on the mouth and fondle her tits but that it was about as romantic as a visit to the dentist.

At one point he stood up and stuck his hard-on in her face. She just stood up and moved to the bed. She had brought her travel bag with her and asked him to massage her back with oil. She said that he was getting noticeably frustrated, but he complied. She told him she needed to get her into the mood. He kept brushing his cock against her body as a suggestion, but she ignored it. When she was satisfied with her back side, she rolled over.

Without hesitation, he tried to fuck her, but she told him to finish massaging her front side. He targeted her breasts and went back to trying to kiss her, though she rebuffed him and told him to focus on the massage. On her back, she grabbed his erection and started playing with it, telling him how nice his cock looked—teasing him, reminding him where it might end up. She oiled it up and started stroking it, but she told him to concentrate on her massage.

Finally, she asked him if he wanted to eat her pussy, and he did. Massage it first, she told him. He rubbed her pussy and then went down on her. She said he wasn’t half bad. Of course, she was shaven to make it easier. She wasn’t able to cum, so she asked him to stop.

She asked him to lie on his back so she could massage him. There was no massage, though. She put more oil on his cock and proceeded to give him a handjob. After a few minutes, it became a blowjob. After a few more minutes, she said she could tell he was about to cum, she stopped and told him to fuck her—lasting all of 2 seconds. She said she was surprised he even had time to get it in, and he was somewhat disappointed.

She said that she needed to be somewhere, and so she couldn’t stay much longer but that he could relax and enjoy the room. She left without him. When she told me about the encounter, she said she was very tempted just to leave it at a handjob, but she decided to be nice.

Afterwards, he tried to reconnect with her, but the next day she closed her account (and they charged to delete it). She said she wasn’t interested in meeting that way anymore. Anyway, I’ve got so much more I could add, but that’s all I have time for now.


  1. That sounded like a terrible experience for your wife! I’m so sorry it went that way. Have you both tried finding couples online instead of individuals?

    Comment by lana — April 27, 2011 @ 10:44 am | Reply

  2. We had looked for couples, and in fact we were doing OK with Jake and Kate while it lasted. Things just started getting flaky, and that sort of fell by the wayside. My wife is back in a monogamous mode these days, though at times she pines away wishing WarDaddy would get back into the picture.

    Comment by myfavouritelife — April 28, 2011 @ 10:25 am | Reply

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