My Favourite Life

April 28, 2011

Shorn Scrotum

About a week ago when my wife gave me head, she sucked my balls. She never does this, but that day she was in the mood.  In the moment, she mentioned how I should shave for her, and then we’d match. It was a wonderfully slow blowjob, and I took her suggestion to heart.

On Tuesday, I shaved my balls before work, as we had already made plans to hook up at lunchtime. She was frantic and not really in the mood come that time, so she was just going to give me head after she got a massage. I didn’t say anything, as I wanted to surprise her.

We undressed to massage her, and when she was ready I lied on my back to receive her skills. She pulled out some tissue, which usually means she doesn’t intend to swallow, but she caught herself saying, “I don’t need this. I’m going to swallow your cum.” Music to my ears.

She sat on me and rubbed her pussy on my cock and swung her breasts in my face, so I indulged a bit. Then she started with some slow to moderate sucking. She wasn’t going too fast or too deep, but her mind was distracted. After a few minutes, she still hadn’t noticed. Not only didn’t she suck my balls, she didn’t even fondle them. She usually does this to tell how close I am to cuming.

Feeling that I was getting somewhat close to cuming, I thought she would finish without having noticed, so I told her that I had a surprise. I’m not sure what she was expecting, but she was not amused. I told her that I loved surprises, and she responded that I got a surprise about a week and a half ago with some anal. (Note to self: surprise anal can be messy.)

Finally, I told her that I shaved my balls. When she asked why, I reminded her that she had asked. She didn’t remember, but she immediately fondled them for a quick while, and then she returned to sucking my cock.

Although it was yet another awesome  blowjob. When she was done, she took my balls into her mouth. All in all it was fun. I think I’ll shave them next time just because.

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  1. damn you..I’m a virgin with no gf..
    but I recommend try waxing on your balls,that smooth feeling in your pants is worth it.

    Comment by melon — May 24, 2011 @ 12:41 pm | Reply

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