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May 5, 2011

X Marks the Spot

So, I haven’t been fully honest here, or at least I have not extended all of the facts. My wife has been especially randy of late, but it is enhanced by the availability of Xanax. Previously, Valium was the drug of choice, but Xanax gives better results. If you are taking notes,  Ativan gives even better results for me, though worse for her, so we split the difference.

With Ativan (A), she gets extremely uninhibited and will do roughly anything. The problem is on A she can’t cum. With Xanax (X), she becomes uninhibited and will do most everything, but sometimes it comes with hesitation. With Valium (V), she becomes less inhibited but still exhibits inhibitions. On both V and X she cums just fine.

She prefers these things to alcohol, though she often has a little of both. Like the V, we made an agreement that if I could supply the X, she’d pay in trade. We keep things simple, so the arrangement goes something like this, sort of like an à la carte menu:

  • 1x
    • Shave before sex
    • Blowjob
    • Deepthroat
    • Swallow
    • 69
  • 2x
    • Anal

So, if she shaves before anal, that would be 3; a deepthroat blowjob ending with a swallow makes 3; shaving beforehand would make it 4; and so on.

So when she calls me at work, it is less about her interest in sex and more about the X. Still, it’s sweet. That’s why the other day she decided against using a tissue, opting to swallow instead for 2.  It works out well for both of us.

Even better, it doesn’t break the bank. She always wants at least 2 (because she prefers 2mg at a time) and has gotten up to 4 before. Technically, she can get up to 5 (so she can save some for later) by doing all of the 1x list, but she hasn’t been in the mood for 69 in quite a while, and which is half the reason it is on the list in the first place. Still, she hasn’t taken that option.

X costs about US$2.75 a piece, so you do the math. It’s very cost effective, averaging about $5.50 a session with an upper limit of $13.75, and that won’t happen often. Even for the usual, a regular (read: excellent) blowjob where she swallows for $5.50, she is happy with her 2x, and I am happy with good head. It’s sort of win-win.

She calls herself my “little hooker wife,” and that’s fine with me. Where else could I get even half the bargain at twice the price? She gives the best sex around, and when she’s in the mood (read: on X), she’s even better. I call myself “lucky.”

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