My Favourite Life

July 25, 2011

Checking In

It’s been busy as hell around here. Too busy to write much, but plenty happening.

About a month ago I got a voice message from my first wife. She got divorced again, and she wanted to know if I wanted to get together with her…to talk. Not in a million years.

Kate was out of the picture for quite a while, but now she’s back in…sort of. Jake and I work together, or at least we run into each other at work. Things haven’t really changed between him and his wife, but he won’t admit it. About a month ago or so, we took lunch together and we got on the subject of our respective sex lives. He said everything was fine, and I said mine was fine, too.

I mentioned that I missed getting together on Fridays and suggested we try again. He said that he was interested, but he seemed to have reservations. He said he’d check in with Kate and get back to me.

I didn’t press the issue, but I called my wife and asked her to check in with Kate. Kate’s story was different to Jake’s. They were back in some marital rut again, and she had pretty much cut Jake off again, and she was feeling rather depressed about it all. My wife suggested that the two of them get together to talk, and they did. It was the same old story—lost flame, no romance, money issues, and so on.

Before they got together, my wife and I talked over some suggestions. I can’t say for sure how the conversation went exactly, but it had to have gone something along these lines. My wife told Kate that she missed getting together—and that especially I missed Kate, which wasn’t entirely untrue. When Kate appeared to be interested but said that she wasn’t really in the mood, my wife suggested that they swap husbands. Apparently, Kate wasn’t even taken aback and loved the idea. She asked that my wife wouldn’t mind, and she told her that it might be fun.

To make a long story longer, my wife called Jake at work the next day or so after—and she and I had discussed it. We weren’t planning to let Jake in on the secret between us three. She told Jake that I would be away for the evening on Friday and asked if he was doing anything; if not, could he stop over to keep her company. (I told my wife it would have been better if Kate was listening in on the phone call.) He said he could stop over for a while in the evening, and he did. I arranged to hook up with Kate.

It had been a while, so we just talked for a bit to get reacquainted. We sat on her sofa, and she had a couple of glasses of wine to relax as we talked. I think we covered the same ground that she and my wife had covered: Jake, her marriage, their troubles, and so on. She also talked about how bad she felt—even though she was doing the same thing—that Jake would sneak around behind her back, but that she didn’t blame him and that they didn’t have the best communication in their marriage.

Not wanting to spend the entire evening chatting, I changed the topic as gracefully as I could. I told her that I missed our time together, that I felt it was special. She said she felt the same way, and I moved nearer to her and massaged the nape of her neck. I told her that she felt tense and offered to help her to relax. She said she was comfortable where we were when I asked her if she wanted to go up to the bedroom.

She went into the kitchen to pour herself another glass of wine. Returning, she set her glass on an end table and removed her blouse and then her bra before lying face down on the sofa. I had forgotten how much I liked her tiny tits, but in an instant they were pressed into the sofa out of sight.

I positioned myself above her and continued massaging her neck, scalp, and shoulders, working my way down to the small of her back. I was already quite turn on, but I kept my clothes on. Leaning over, I nibbled on her neck and earlobes. She seemed to be into it, but I moved to kiss her down her back, where I kneaded her ass through her skirt. Then I hiked her skirt up to her waist and slid her panties down to her knees and continued working on her ass. Not wanting to seem too eager, I kept massaging down the length of her legs, removing her panties along the way, but then I worked my way back up, and she parted her legs enough for me to reach her pussy with my hand. She lifted her hips to make it more accessible. Likely, it goes without saying that she was wet.

I ran a couple fingers along her slit and slid in one and then two, thumbing her accessible asshole. I’d say she was definitely horny. When I nudged her to roll onto her back, she got up and finished undressing. I followed suit. She lay back down on her sofa, and without skipping a beat, I went down on her. Well, actually, I did skip a few beats to kiss her tiny nipples on the way down.

I had hoped she would have shaven, but she hadn’t. No matter, she was delicious. I just dove in and made myself at home until she came. She seemed very grateful. I climbed up her body to kiss her, and I easily worked my cock into her relaxed pussy. Then I asked her to roll onto her knees to do it doggy style. She did, and I got back to business. As I screwed her from behind, I worked my thumb into her ass again.

I told her that I really wanted her to blow me, and so we switched positions. I was pretty close to cumming anyway, and it didn’t take long for her to get me off. She swallowed without incident, and I asked her if she wanted to cum again. She did, so I went down on her again. It took a little longer the second time around, but I think she felt it was worth the wait. She asked if I wanted to try for two, too, so I gave it a shot. She went down on me for about five minutes, but it wasn’t happening. I didn’t think it would work, but it was worth the attempt. I told that I’d be willing to go for three with her, but she said she’d take a rain cheque.

Instead, we just sat and kissed and talked. I was playing with her tits, and she’d grab my cock every now and again for signs of life in between caresses. We got around to the topic of our marriages. I told her that I was happy with mine, but that I would love to spend more time with her, and that she should give Jake some space, too. She agreed, and she said that she just wasn’t very happy with Jake—that he was a “nice guy” and all, and she was nice, too, but that they were missing that spark. She said she felt that we had a spark. I told her that I felt it, too, but that is was more the novelty of having an affair with no responsibilities. With Jake, she had to worry about bills, and meals, and laundry, and mortgage payments, none of which leads to romance or intimacy.

I suggested that we reconvene our Friday evening rendez-vous, but that we let Jake in on the secret—not necessarily about this particular night, but going forward. I told her that I was pretty sure that my wife would be into it. She liked the idea, and we’ve met for the past odd-month. As it was conveyed to me, she flat out told Jake that she wanted to hook up with us again as a couple. When we went to their place, she proposed that we simply swap. Jake didn’t need to be asked twice. My wife was obviously on the inside of the deal, and so she was quick to agree. That night, we just went into separate rooms with each other’s spouse, but after that we just traded houses.

This past Friday, when we were still in foreplay mode I asked Kate about her sex life with Jake. She told me that they literally hadn’t had sex together in months, but she was glad that he had my wife and that she had me. She also said that things were actually more pleasant around the house. She told me that she felt the “obligation” to have sex with Jake was more of a burden that she would have thought. Interesting, I suppose. I think Jake was also in a better mood having his sexual needs met. My wife says that all Jake wants to do is fuck missionary style, but she mixes it up a bit.

Kate has been shaven each time after our first meeting, so that is a plus. Not that we go hog wild or anything, but she is pretty much into anything I suggest, so we have a good time together. I suggested that the four of us get together again, but she is more reluctant about that. She says she’ll tell me when she’s in the mood. I kinda thought that Jake should have some access to his own wife. It’s not like she is the only person I have sex with. I have my own wife and still have Kathy on the sidelines. Jake only has my wife once a week. He was pushing for Saturday mornings again, but my wife told him that I would be around, and we have standing plans.

Well, so I am not sure that I’ll have anything more to post for a while. It’s sort of all roughly the same; and I as I said I am terribly busy these days. I’ll post when I am in the mood and have the time.

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