My Favourite Life

July 28, 2011

Kathy Goes Off the Deep End

Not only haven’t I written much on this blog lately, I have barely mentioned Kathy. She is still a bit of an odd bird, but she is fun in her own way. Nonetheless, I don’t feel like there is a lot more to say here, which is half the reason I haven’t been posting much at all. Whilst I have been enjoying the benefits of three women, I see each of them independent of the other, save for the occasional hook up with Kate and my wife, and even that hasn’t happened in months.

All of this said, Kathy and I had a nice time on Wednesday, and I am, in the mood to write—with a couple of minutes to do so. Kathy and I still only hook up at her place. It’s the safest for both of us. It’s better not to risk being seen together romantically. One of the things I like most about Kathy is that she is more eager to please than either Kate or my wife. Kate will do stuff, but she is moody about it. My wife will do stuff, but much of the time involves a bribe of one sort or another. Kathy just says “whatever,” and does it.

Even though Kathy seems to be open to just about anything I’ve suggested, I don’t take advantage of her. Mainly because I am satisfied with our activity together, and I guess I am not all that motivated for more. You know: been there, done that. We’ve done some light S&M and B&D, but it’s all been for her sake. I am pretty sure I’ve posted about that here before, but I don’t feel like looking. She hasn’t asked for more than we’ve, and so I keep it simple. Sometimes I feel like she’s just going along to humour me. I can’t always tell what she likes and doesn’t like because she is always up for whatever, and she always says she had a good time.

This past Wednesday, I was thinking that I hadn’t had any deepthroat in a while. My wife has been on a long oral kick, but she hasn’t been in the mood for deepthroat. Rather than push her, I figured I’d just get it where the getting’s good. So when Kathy and I got together, I suggested that she do that. As usual, I got her off first. Reflecting back, I never lose focus on how different Kathy is from Kate and the two are from each other. They each act very different and look very different to each other; they smell and taste different, too.

Thinking back, Kathy has such a tiny vulva, my wife is “medium,” and Kate has large, protruding labia. Kate has tiny breasts and nipples, Kathy has moderate breasts and odd pink nipples, and my wife has large breasts with large dark nipples. Viva la difference. From behind, Kate is thin with almost no shape, my wife has a nice ass with curves, and Kathy, well, she kinda has a larger ass. Despite these differences, I like them each for different reasons. The only thing they seem to have in common (besides me) is they are all brunettes; but, of course, I prefer brunettes to blondes anyway. I’ve never quite understood the whole blonde thing—especially the fake blonde thing.

Anyway, I ate Kathy’s little pussy and considered doing soixante-neuf, but just after the idea popped into my head, she came. As usual, she had shaved when she showered before work in the morning. After she came, we did get into a sixty-nine position, and she sat on my face, but she wasn’t having any luck deepthroating me. So she lay down alongside of me and gave me head from that position. This seemed to work out better anyway, and I had the added benefit of being able to watch her more closely. There is no better sight that I can think of than watching a woman deliver a nice blowjob, and there is no better feeling than that of my cock entering her throat, and again, and again.

I hadn’t suggested deepthroat for quite a while, but she had no trouble getting right into the swing of things. She always seems so gracious when she goes down deep. My wife gives great head and does deepthroat, but she is still hesitant. The same goes for Kate; she is somewhat reluctant or resistant. Kathy on the other hand just seems eager to please, and there is something to be said for that. Really, no matter what we decide to do together, she always has an attitude of “let’s do it; this should be fun.” She didn’t start out like that. She was always willing, but in a curious way. Nowadays, she is will and able; she has confidence, too. I didn’t even need to tell her to go down all the way when I was ready to cum. She just did it naturally until I was empty. I did mention that we should do this much more frequently.

I am pretty sure I am not going to bother Kate about it because between Kathy and my wife, I want more than just blowjobs. Some people may disagree, but I need more variety. I am thinking of shooting for anal, but we’ll see how it goes.

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