My Favourite Life

August 24, 2011

Totally Wasted

Out of the blue the middle of last week, WarDaddy calls my wife telling her that he is starting classes again and asked if she would like to hook up. We really didn’t expect to hear from him again, though she talks about how much she misses him on a regular basis. Even though the met playing World of Warcraft, he doesn’t play that any longer, as it conflicts with his school work and he says his school has very slow internet connections. My wife tells him that she’d love to hook up but she’d check in with me first.

On the day he called, when I got home from work, she told me about his call and asked if I would mind. We talked a bit and she suggested that we hook up together for a 3-way, but then she thought that he might prefer some private time. I proposed that we get together on Friday evening at a hotel—Us, WarDaddy, and Jake (and maybe Kate). She already had plans for Kate. We later decided that it might be weird for Kate, and so we ruled that out as an option. I ended up calling Kate and telling her I had other plans and would take a rain check. My wife called WarDaddy the next day to see if he would be OK with the plan. He wasn’t exactly, but she told him that we’d all meet together but that they would spend the night together in the hotel. He was fine with that idea.

Late afternoon on Friday, my wife and I booked a suite and met Jake at the hotel restaurant. WarDaddy showed up not long thereafter. We ordered and chatted over drinks, plus my wife had a couple of Valiums on board. After we ate, we went up to the room. It was an ordinary suite with a separate living and sleeping area, which had a king bed. We made ourselves at home, and my wife broke out one of the two bottles of wine she had brought with us.

I thought it would be fun to break the ice, as it were, with a game of strip poker. It’s worked before, so I figured what the hell. Strip poker never goes well for my wife. Not that we play much, but she doesn’t wear many clothes—no under clothes—, and she tends not to wear socks and shoes in doors, so it’s pretty much her blouse and her skirt, and it’s game over. We would play until all but one person was naked.

My wife lost her skirt on the first hand, and Jake and WarDaddy each lost a sock. She won the second hand, but everybody else just lost socks again. Third hand, and my wife was fully naked. For effect, she cupped her breasts and showed them off, tweaking her nipples to make them come to attention. She said she still wanted to play, but we talked her out of it in favour of getting the game over faster. The winner would get first dibs on sex.

WarDaddy was naked next followed by me. Jake won, and he still had several hands of padding before he would have lost. Jake decided that he wanted to start with a blowjob, but first he wanted my wife to stand in the centre of the room and do a backbend for at least a minute, and he wanted her to start sucking his dick from that position. It was an odd request, but interesting.

My wife was pretty wobbly at this point, so I had to help her into position. She may have even taken another Valium or two, so pretty she was out of it anyway. I have to say, she was quite the sight to see in that position. I definitely had the urge to fuck her like that. By the time she was set, Jake had finished undressing and had his cock in her mouth in no time. Note to self: this is decidedly not a good blowjob position, though it looks like it would be nice.

While she was able to support herself, I decided to eat her pussy. It was very accessible to say the least. Unfortunately, she was so out of it that she couldn’t hold herself up for very long, and she collapsed to the floor. We decided that the bed would make more sense, and so we moved into the bedroom area.

We had to escort my wife to the bed, she was so inebriated. She was wasted, but in full participation. She told WarDaddy that she wanted to suck his cock next. The winner already had gotten his reward, and there would be more for everyone.  WarDaddy lay on the bed, and my wife bent over him to give him head. Just to put on a show, she took him all the way down her throat, and WarDaddy just writhed and squirmed. Jake asked her to stroke his cock, too. Being prepared, we had plenty of lube standing by. I may have the order of events not fully captured, but the idea remains the same. I positioned myself under her to give her head as she gave him head, but I could tell that she was going to be too drunk to cum. I figured that I’d just start fucking her whilst she was occupied sucking his cock.

I didn’t want to cum, so I pulled out and asked Jake if he wanted some pussy. Needless to say, he did. He kept fucking, and she kept sucking. He came before WarDaddy, and my wife said she wanted to ride WarDaddy, so she climbed up and mounted him. Jake wanted her to suck his less than erect cock, so she did for a bit.

I lubed up her ass. I knew what I wanted, her pussy being occupied already. Once my fingers had her loosened up enough, I slid my cock into her bum. She stopped rocking on WarDaddy, and he waited until I was ready. After a few strokes, WarDaddy began rocking his hips, too.  My wife just relaxed and enjoyed the attention. Jake had had enough, and he came. Then she cleaned off his cock with her mouth. I continued to fuck her ass from as she fondled the other two. Not too much longer, and I came, too.

After we finished, she said that the least she could get was a massage, and so we oiled her up and rubbed her down for at least half an hour. She took WarDaddy’s cock into her mouth again, and he was ready for round two. I wasn’t sure I’d be up for another round, but I thought I’d take a quick shower just in case.  Well, I thought it was a quick shower, anyway, but by the time I got back, he had already cum again.

We just started joking around, as there was a sexual lull. My wife lamented that she should have brought her vibrator, so she could get herself off, then she said, “somebody eat me for fuck sake.”  I knew that neither Jake nor WarDaddy had strong oral inclinations, but I wasn’t all that interested in eating her pussy that had just had a couple of deposits. I didn’t know where WarDaddy came last when I was showering, so it may have been three. I decided that I’d brave it out and go down on her. At first Jake tried to get her to suck his cock again, but after a while she told him to wait because she needed to concentrate. After another ten minutes or so we could tell that she wasn’t going to cum, so she decided to take matters into her own hands and put on a masturbation show. When she still couldn’t get herself off, she asked someone to fuck her whilst she diddled herself.

Jake took that cue and found a nice home for his eager cock. He had to have fucked her for half an hour, forty minutes or so. He came. She didn’t, so she took a break, eventually teasing and asking when she could expect another round. She was way out of it, slurring her words and loosing focus, and then she asked, “Who wants to fuck my ass?” as she looked at WarDaddy.

I’m not sure whether she had forgotten that she had already done that, but when WarDaddy declined, she started to give him more head until he was hard again. She told him that she wanted to feel his cock in her ass. He had already had two entrances, and he needed to take the third. Reluctantly or otherwise, he complied. Jake just played with her tits, and I decided to see if a blowjob would perk me up, too. It did.

It was taking Jake forever to cum, so she stopped sucking my cock in order to give him vocal encouragement—porn star talk. She just rested her head and shoulders on the mattress and had her ass way up in the air, and WarDaddy was frantically pumping and trying to get off. He was sweating like a proverbial pig, and he just looked tired. He might have been tired, but his cock looked like it had plenty of life left in it. Finally, he said, “I’m not much into butt fucking. Nothing personal, but I didn’t really ask for this,” to which my wife answered, “Just fuck my pussy then.” Before I could tell him that this was a bad idea, he had switched holes. My wife would have never allowed this, much less request this, if she had not been so wasted. At this point it was already too late (though afterwards I gave WarDaddy some advice not to double-dip). WarDaddy said he needed to finish in missionary position, and so they did.

It was getting late, but I had another hard on I wanted to get rid of. As I fucked her, it looked like she had passed out. I figured I take the opportunity to fuck her ass again, this time in missionary position because I didn’t want to disturb her. By the time I was ready to cum, she was awake again.

Now it was really late, she wanted to sleep, and Jake had to get home. She had told WarDaddy that they would spend the night alone together, and so I left, too.

WarDaddy dropped her off at the house, and when she got home she filled me in on the details. As it turned out, she didn’t fully remember most of the evening, but she said she gave WarDaddy a morning blowjob before they left. She would have slept in longer, but WarDaddy woke her.  She said she enjoyed what she remembered, but I am pretty sure she won’t be up for this again any time soon.


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