My Favourite Life

September 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kathy!

So, I am still busy. I had been planning to write about Kathy’s birthday on August 15, which we celebrated on the 17th, but WarDaddy got in the way. When we went to her place as usual, I asked her what she wanted for her special day. I suggested 25 spankings in honour of her accomplishment in years, and she thought that would be interesting. I was only joking, but she seemed to be game, so I figured, what the hell. I asked her what else she wanted—sexually speaking—, and she said that what she wanted was to be a gift to me and that I should take what I wanted.

I told her to undress, so she did. I sat on the edge of her bed and told her to lean over my knees so I could spank her bum. Eagerly, she complied. She said “yes” when I asked her if she was sure, and I spanked her. Around the fifth time, she started squirming, and I reminded her that we had another twenty-odd to go. Another two, and she asked me to stop. When I told her that she couldn’t stop, she begged offering anything else, so I said I’d like to use her ass for other purposes. She readily agreed, though she warned that she hadn’t prepared and offered to. I told her that we’d be fine.

I wanted to eat her pussy. In preparation, I got the lube out. First, we kissed (and made up) and I worked my way down her short body with a brief stop at her breasts until I was kissing her clit. I lubed my fingers and was planning to prepare her ass for a visit, but I slid in a couple into her pussy as I ate her. Two became three and then four. Without warning, I followed my notion to fist her. I lathered on more lube and worked my four fingers back in as I continued to lick her clit and curled my fingers pulled in my thumb into a fist and exerted more pressure until I managed to get my whole hand inside of her. I kept eating with my fist in her until she came, and she came hard. She asked me not to stop. I joked that she wasn’t going to be done until we reached 25, but I kept rocking and twisting my fist inside her pussy as I ate her until she came again. Now she was spent. She said, “Just use me. I want to please you. That’s my gift to you.”

I pulled out my fist slowly and replaced it with my cock. I am pretty sure I could have fucked her for days she was so loosened by the fisting, so I asked her to suck my cock. She smiled deviously, and deepthroated me without having to be asked. The lube on my cock probably helped, too. I was pleased. She came up and looked me in the eye smiling, knowing this. She went down deep again…and again…and again. I know I had wanted her bum, but I was enjoying this so much. I reminded her of my original intention, and she paused to ask me if that would please me. I told her that I am sure it would but that I didn’t want to stop this either. When she said, “I want to feel you in my ass,” my decision was made.

She got on her knees, but I told her I wanted her on her back, so she rolled over. I lubed up and stroked her pussy a couple of times, but it was still too loose. Somehow, it only just dawned on me that not only hadn’t we “prepped” her bottom, I had been focusing so much on fisting her pussy, that I never loosened up her ass. My cock was already very hard, and I was pretty horny and looking for a place to cum. I inserted a lubed finger into her ass and quickly replaced it with my cock.

Without the prep, I was trying to be especially slow and careful. I just rocked the head of my lubed cock on her asshole until it slid in. I waited for her to accommodate it. When she signaled that she was ready, I slathered on some more lube and penetrated deeper until I was all the way in. Once there, I leaned back to observe my cock in her ass and her splayed pussy. Her pussy is usually very hidden, but not now. It actually looked especially raw. I watched my cock slide in and out of her bum a few times, and then I lay down on her body and pumped her ass. All in all, it was very satisfying when I came. I just lay on top of her with my cock in her ass until I lost my erection and it slid out a few minutes after.  Despite the lack of preparation, there was no mess. We did shower before heading back to work.

As usual, we spent time at her place at lunch yesterday afternoon. It hasn’t happened too often, but she was in the middle of her period. I ate her, and we fucked anyway. No big deal. Nothing a shower can’t cure. Back to work…

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  1. We havent had an update from you for a longtime. I enjoy your blog…anything new going on?

    Comment by Anonymous — January 19, 2012 @ 4:55 pm | Reply

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