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March 15, 2013

Ashley Madison and Friends

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So I’ve been conspicuously absent from here for an extended period, as I’ve gotten a new job with much more responsibility and a lot less time for blogging. It has also cut into my time for as much sexual diversion. Nonetheless, I figured I’d spend a few moments updating.

My wife signed onto a few dating sites, mostly looking for women, but occasionally guys or couples. She met an odd man on OK Cupid (one of these sites), and the conversation went along these lines(after a few hours of chatting to gauge interest and compatibility). They had already discussed that this would be a threesome, as was mentioned in her profile anyway.

Her: My husband loves anal and would love to share me with you.
Him: I don’t understand why guys find anal sex interesting.
Her: No worries. I’m sure he’ll take that  entry without complaints.
Him: I wouldn’t really feel comfortable with another man in the room.
Her: Well, I am not going alone. That’s not what I am looking for.
Him: Maybe after you and I spend some time together, we could bring him in.
Her: No. Maybe the other way around. If I am comfortable with you, we could maybe try some private time, just the two of us. My husband says I give the best head–and he ought to know.
Him: I don’t like oral sex. I can’t cum that way anyway.
Her: So you don’t like anal sex, and you don’t like oral sex… What about going down on me, then?
Him: No. I don’t like that much either, and I don’t understand this fad about shaved pussies. (She had mentioned her shaven pussy earlier on.)
Her: Never mind. I can see why you are online looking for women. Good luck with that.

I am not sure how some horny guy could look a gift horse in the mouth, but it’s his loss.

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  1. what. the. fuck.

    Where the fuck is this guy from? Afghanistan?

    Comment by Anonymous — June 17, 2013 @ 1:26 am | Reply

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