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August 6, 2013

Still Alive

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I am unlikely to post here more than once or twice a year, but I was thinking about this place after a couple of events, so I thought I’d return to share.

My wife has been asking for a swimming pool for years, so this year we finally installed one in the backyard. She hopes to increase her vitamin D intake, so she wants to maximise her sun exposure. Although our yard is fenced in, the fences are neither high enough or contiguous enough to assure complete privacy, so she does not want to offend any neighbours and end up with a visit by the local police. My solution was this Wicked Weasel, and we both love it.

About a week before we decided to install the pool, she commented that she preferred to crop her pubic hair instead of shave it off completely. We’ve had these discussions before, and it progressed along the same path: guys who prefer shaved pussies are like paedophiles, and it is unnatural. My defence was the same as ever: Shaving your legs and armpits is just as unnatural. I told her that she needed to take a stand; she could either nothing and be completely natural or shave everything without complaint. Surprisingly, she said she was inclined to shave nothing, and so it began.

After a couple of weeks of being completely unshaven, she started to complain about how scratchy her legs were; but she was going to get used to it. No more shaving. Then came the pool. Given the Wicked Weasel solution, she did not feel that being unshaven would work, and so she went back to shaving all but her armpits this time.

Her biggest complaint is that shaving doesn’t last but about a week, so she took the plunge and got a professional Brazilian. I went with her, and, surprisingly, she was in and out in less than half an hour. She has never been shy of her nudity, so that was never even an issue. It hurt much less than she was anticipating. It’s just been a couple of weeks, but it started off smooth and stayed smooth. It is growing back in, but it is more silky and soft. At $30, I could see paying for this once a month, and the Wicked Weasel really does her justice.

The Wicked Weasel leaves almost nothing to the imagination, and when it gets wet, it leaves absolutely nothing. I love it when she reclines on a floating air mattress. Frankly, I just gawk at her slit through the fabric. Not that I don’t see it quite a bit up close and personal, I never get bored.

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    Still Alive | My Favourite Life

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