My Favourite Life

May 26, 2015

Hobby Initiate

I spent the better part of April and beginning of May in Houston, and there I became involved in the “hobby,” a euphemism for partaking of escort services. Given a legal system based on religious repression, there is a lot of risk for each party, and there is risk of physical abuse or of just being ripped-off. Although I had once paid for a street prostitute on a whim about 20 years ago, I had never felt I needed to pay for sex, but travelling so much changed my perspective on this.

My first goal was to mitigate the risk. My next goal was to navigate the lingo. I thought my world was filled with acronyms. Boy, was I in for a surprise. It’s been almost 2 months, and I’ve got the bulk of them down, methinks.

Leading up to my first experience, I researched online, finding crowd-sourced information to be comforting, sites like ECCIE and TER, but these were not always up to date, and many providers aren’t even listed. Nonetheless, I resorted to the unscrupulous Backpages as a source, which I bounced off of the several rating sites. I was pretty nervous, so I wanted to start slowly.

My first choice was Lexi, a woman around 30. She wouldn’t usually be someone I’d hang with, but she had reviews including BBBJCIMNQNS and DT, which was all I needed to see.

A little primer here: BBBJ is a Bare Back Blow Job, no condom. This is countered by a CBJ, Condom Blow Job. Some women will start BBBJ before switching to covered. CIM, Cum in Mouth, indicates that she won’t require you to be covered for the climax. NQNS, No Quit, No Spit, means that she’ll swallow. NQBS means that you can cum in her mouth, but she’ll spit. For the record, some women will let you COF, Cum on Face, for the facial crowd. Oh yeah, DT is Deep Throat, but YMMV, You Mileage May Vary, since this does not mean the same thing to all people.

It doesn’t take much to connect with an SP, Service Provider (Sex Provider). I prefer texting, but not all providers want you to text of email. I prefer speaking on the phone once the arrangement has been settled, and it serves more of a confirmation.

Be prepared to answer questions like age, occupation, race, where you’re from, and, of course, if you are somehow affiliated with Law Enforcement (LE). They need to know if they need to discount their services. 😉

Lexi offered INCALL and OUTCALL services. INCALL is when you visit the provider; OUTCALL is when they visit you. There is typically an upcharge, a travel fee for OUTCALL.

It is important to note the providers claim to be providing company by time and not by services, so tips are appreciated. Despite this time not services separation, some providers explicitly up-charge for things like CIM, NQNS, Greek (anal), and MSOG, Multiple Shot on Goal—OK, so it’s obvious that males made up this vocabulary.

Services seem to come in different sizes: QV, HHR, HR, and so on. QV is quick visit, HHR is half-hour, and…, well, you get it. Discounting usually applied to larger time blocks, so QV might be $60, HHR might be $100 and HR might be $150. Prices vary by person, location, time of day, desperation, and so on. I wanted an hour.

When the time approached for our rendez-vous, Lexi texted me and asked for a photo of my hotel door, which I sent, but she wanted a shot of the open door, so I sent that, and all was well.

She had a bit of a transportation problem of which I was unaware beforehand, but she made it to my hotel reasonably close to the appointment. She had a smoke outside before we went up to my room. She was very comfortable to be with.

Once inside, she asked again about any LE connection. I had set an envelope with her fee aside on the dresser, which she took when she went into the bathroom to change.

She came out in some quasi-lingerie—primarily to obfuscate her mummy tummy—, and she motioned me to the bed, quickly dispensing of the lacy top she had just put on. I caressed her body and played with large nipples and breasts, which were likely at one time a C-cup but were now difficult to determine what they were, as they were rather deflated.

True to her advertisement she quickly went down for the BBBJ, but not before telling me that that was her speciality. She was decent—better than average. And she followed through with CIM, so that’s already better than average, though she did excuse herself to the bathroom to spit. No big deal. Didn’t actually get the DT either, but I didn’t ask for it. No worries.

When she returned from spitting, she asked if I was ready for another. At my age, I’m not much of an MSOG type of guy, so I politely declined, and we just chatted for the rest of the hour. After some time passed, she asked again, but I assured her that I was OK.

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