My Favourite Life

May 27, 2015

Second Time Around

Having made it successfully through a meeting, I wanted to try again, but I figured I would be less nervous if I meet the same provider, and so I did. This time I wanted a real escort; namely, to actually get out of my hotel room. She told me that if I’d pay for 2 hours, she wouldn’t schedule anything after. We could go to dinner (her choice) and travel time wouldn’t count, which turned out to be a good thing.

It took a while to find a place, and we chatted on the way. She chose a mid-market place called Houston’s…cuz Houston, I guess.  I learnt that she was from Kansas City and was trying to get home to her 2 kids—ages 7 and 10—, which were staying with her mum. She could work in KC, but Houston was a more active market, and so…

We talked about philosophy and psychology and about sex work. The most interesting thing I found out is that she has fibromyalgia. I’ll spare you the details save to mention that when in force it feels like your body is on fire and the last thing you want is contact. It turns out that when your livelihood depends on being touched, it becomes quite the dilemma.

She was also on a cable programme where some cop cum preacher cum sex work saviour. She wasn’t interested in begin saved.

It turns out that we were pretty far from my hotel, so she suggested Palace Inn, which had hourly-ish rates and hot tubs. She rented the room on her dime, and once we settled in, we got in the tub. Relaxed. Got out, and she went down for a BBBJ. I told her I wanted to DATY, so she let me eat her shaven pussy.

It turns out that I should have left well enough alone. For one, I couldn’t find her clit. I have only been with one other girl build like this, so I was at a loss. I just sort of licked in the general vicinity hoped for the best. Unfortunately, she started with the theatrics when I started, so that was just distracting. After she “came,” she went back down on me and used her hand until I came on her body.

Then, I drove her home and then myself to my hotel.

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