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I have decided to create a place where I can review blogs that I visit starting with the ones on my blogroll as of this writing. I am not sure I will attack this in any particular order, although I will start with one of my favourites.

Beautiful Creature (4 ½ stars)
I have been reading variations of Aliza’s blogs for ages. It is one of my favourites for several reasons:

  • It is authored from a woman’s perspective
  • It is authored by a woman (not necessarily the same as perspective)
  • It is autobiographical
  • It conveys sexy events
  • It has photos
  • The photos are nude
  • The photos are of the author
  • The author is quite attractive

If all blogs were like this, I wouldn’t know how to prioritise my reading time. Not only are her stories supposed to be real (and I hope they are), they are interesting and about topics I find interesting. My interests are not so much with a D/s lifestyle, but it is so nice to read about her sexual exploits: the men, the women, her varying experiences: oral, anal, and she is shaven.  What else could I ask for?

The downsides are that it isn’t updated as frequently as I would like, and she starts and stops her blogs more than I would like. This is the only reason I didn’t give this blog 5 stars.

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