My Favourite Life

October 10, 2010

Kate’s Lesbian Misfire

I almost forgot. Jake tried to be nice and take Kate out for dinner last Saturday, but she wasn’t interested in putting out. Poor Jake. Kate was a bit out of sorts tonight, too. Maybe she was just on her period, but she wasn’t so much interested in participating. As a matter of fact, she seemed to be in an ornery mood. She said she wanted to watch Jake and I to screw my wife in the ass.

We decided several things up front. First, Jake was going to go first. Second, my wife wanted some double penetration, so she would sit on my cock whilst Jake screwed her bottom. Hopefully, Jake would cum first, and I would talk over his position. Luckily, that’s how it worked out.

Dressed in nightclothes, Kate just sat on the end of the bed and watched. She helped to position people and touched everyone now and again, but she pretty much otherwise just sat there. My goal was to move as little as possible, a goal which I achieved.

I was getting worried because Jake seemed to be taking his time to get off, but it all worked out. He fell out a few times along the way, but when he came inside her he bucked hard and planted himself deep. Next, it was my turn. Kate helped to position my cock, but my wife’s ass was obviously all ready to take my cock. It slide right in like a hot poker in butter. I’ll have to admit that her ass was pretty loose by now, and between the lube and Jake’s cum, it was more than slippery. So the problem is that with so little friction, it was taking me forever to cum, too. Not that I was complaining, but I was breaking a sweat. At one point I asked Kate when I was going to get her ass. “In my dreams,” was her initial response.

I don’t know how long I screwed her ass until I came, but I finally did. When I suggested that the girls take care of themselves, Kate acted repulsed again. This started a discussion about her aversion to anal and pussy. My wife reinforced that Jake’s cock was the perfect size for anal, that it shouldn’t be uncomfortable in the least, but that was unconvincing. So we switched the conversation to eating pussy.

Kate admitted that she really loved having her pussy eaten, whether by me or my wife, so we pressed her on why she wouldn’t reciprocate. Her first defence was that my wife had just been fucked, but we reminded her that she had sucked both of our cocks, so why should that matter. Besides, no one came in her pussy, which might put off some.

Basically, she just came out and said that pussies are gross. Did she think that even her pussy was gross? Yes. Breasts were OK? Yes. Cocks? OK enough. Pussies? Gross. Was it the appearance or the feeling or the taste or the smell? Evidently, all of the above. I thought most females are at least bi-curious. Perhaps I was wrong.

By now, we seemed all intent on somehow converting Kate, so we each chimed in: Do you like how your pussy feels? Well, yes; sort of. And so how is that different. Shrug, and no reply. What about the smell? No so bad. And my wife’s? Not so bad. So, back to appearance? Did she not like the appearance of her own pussy? Not really, but she was used to it? What about my wife’s? It was OK—not disgusting. Whose was better looking? Neither. She couldn’t comment on taste but admitted that she had tasted herself and it wasn’t necessarily bad.

So, why didn’t she give it a try, we all goaded? Now her response to Jake was defencive: If it’s no big deal to you, why don’t you suck his cock?—my cock. Why should you care? What’s the difference? I could ask you the same questions? “It’s different for chicks,” Jake answered. “Guys aren’t interested in that.”

“And I am not interested either,” she retorted.

“So you are saying if I did that, you would? I’m just asking. What would it take? How far would I need to go?” Jake asked.

She replied, “Just to see you with a cock in your mouth would be enough. Don’t you think? But then again, you guys are always so concerned with making sure you can cum in our mouths and obsessed with swallowing, so why shouldn’t I say if you expect it from me, I shouldn’t expect the same from you?” She was still in quite the pissy mood.

“But you’re saying if I put his cock in my mouth that would be enough to get you to eat her?”

“No,” she said. “You’d need to give him a blowjob.”

“Isn’t that the same thing?” he asked. “I’d do it if you followed through.”

“Do what? How far?” she asked.

“Like, is there a time limit?” he enquired.

“Yeah. Until he cums,” she replied.

“Forget it.”

“I would make her cum, too,” she offered.

“It’s not worth it,” he said. “What if you go first?”

Kate responded, “because you won’t do it. Beside, you are the one asking. If you want it, that’s what it’s going to take. And you know why? Because I know you wouldn’t do it You know what? You are lucky I don’t insist you let him fuck you in the ass. You are all wound up about that, too.”

Then my wife chimed in and said how much she actually loved eating pussy, how she had missed it all those years. “I’ll bet you’d be very good at it,” she said.

Kate had an idea. “You know what I’d like?” she said to all of us. “Maybe I would do it. But it wouldn’t be in front of an audience. You know, Jake. I was not really interested in watching you suck some guy’s cock anyway, but you don’t need to be watching me going down on his wife either, and I don’t imagine he was all that interested in it either. What I want is to be left alone. Why don’t you find something to do for a while?” She meant me, too. “We want some alone time.”

Well, that kinda sucked, but Jake and I left the room and started talking about what might be going on in the bedroom. Next thing we heard was water running. We supposed they were trying to relax and get more comfortable, and we lost track of time chatting.

The women came out of the bedroom smiling. I got the scoop on the drive home. My wife talked Kate into shaving freshly so she could eat her without the stubbles. Unfortunately, they were both dressed when we saw them. My wife told me that Kate was angry at Jake in general, and was going to keep him in the dark—at least for a while. What Jake didn’t know is that Kate and my wife didn’t have any sex while they were alone. They shaved Kate, and my wife gave her a back rub. Then they talked whilst masturbated together. My wife was giving Kate a pep talk the whole time. She said she was trying to get Kate in better touch with her body, and as I’ve said before, Kate is pretty attractive—no one I know would say she was unattractive—, and she is thin and petite. Undressed, she has an amazing body: compact.

But my wife did say it was so nice to be alone with a woman again—with no audience. She told me that except for the massage, they didn’t actually touch each other. They just sat on the bed facing each other, watching each other and themselves get themselves off. I was happy for her but obviously jealous.

When my wife hooked up with Jake on Saturday, she broached the topic teasingly, asking what the men had been doing whilst the women were pleasuring themselves. When he said that Kate just giggled all evening and told him that he could watch her when she could what him, my wife led him further to believe that they had been getting down dirty and heavy. She was saying about how good it was and how great her pussy felt when they were done and how great Kate’s re-shaven pussy looked. Interestingly, Jake hadn’t gotten to see Kate’s pussy, though his interest was piqued. She suggested that they skip sex again, so he could spend some time with his wife, but he said he was afraid the same thing as happened last week would happen again; and then she reminded him of the week before or so. They decided just to undress and fondle each other to be on the safe side. She said he couldn’t have been there for more than half an hour.

My wife thinks that Kate will go down on her. She just needs a little time to adjust to the idea.

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